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Giada De Laurentiis Praises Her Daughter Jade By Saying, “Proud Of The Woman You’re Becoming”

Giada De Laurentiis and her ex-husband, Todd Thompson, share joint custody of their 13 years old daughter (Jade).

Gaida is 51 years old and a food network star. She celebrated International Women’s Day with Jade by showcasing the latest picture of herself posing with her daughter while dining in a New York City restaurant.

Today Show / This International Women’s Day, “I’m proud of the woman that you are becoming.” Read Giada’s caption along with her picture with Jade.

In her recent post, she honored Jade by writing a praised caption, as she asserted that she’s so proud of the woman that her daughter is becoming. She decided to share joint custody of their daughter with her ex-husband (Todd Thompson). Her family and close friends supported and applauded. The applauds included Ricki Lake and her fellow food network star, Alex Guarnaschelli.

Gaida De Laurentiis Fan Following

Gaida has gained her fans’ trust and admiration. Her living standard is quite open to her fans as she is frequently connected to social media for her fans. Therefore, one of the fans asserted that Jade is as gorgeous as her mom and grew in front of their eyes.
In addition, another fan reminisced about seeing Jade. The fan mentioned that he remembered seeing a baby girl sitting on a high chair next to her mom, who cooks food in the kitchen.

Gaida De Laurentiis And Jade Share A Close Relationship

Mashed / Giada does “everything that a mother should do” for the better good of her daughter, Jade.

However, Gaida and Jade had shared a strong bond with each other. They often create new recipes in the kitchen, munch together, dance on TikTok videos, watch television shows, and play tennis. They enjoyed their holidays together until Jade contracted Covid-19. Giada asserted in early January that Jade had a covid, and she was trying to avoid it. But, later, the situation got in her hand, and things started to get better day by day. And all is okay now.
Before contracting covid-19, the two did a great preparation for their Christmas holidays. Like setting the Christmas tree by themselves and decorating it with vibrant colored garlands, ribbons, glittery shapes, and led pop lights.

Furthermore, she even made Special Christmas popcorns, candies, and ookies by simply putting the flour batter and mixing it with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. And Choco chips with a hint of caramel crunch and some festive sprinkles in them.

About Giada’s Latest Cookbook

Parade / Giada’s book is all about eating better and not compromising the flavors.

On the other hand, Jade also appeared in Giada’s new cooking show, and the series is based on her latest cooking cookbook (Eat Better, Feel Better). The book provides healthy alternatives for classic ones.

Moreover, a shot in Brooklyn, she mentioned that she loves New York and Brooklyn. She admired the parks, lanes, the vibes, the energy, the market, every single thing about NY and Brooklyn. Furthermore, she added that the environment in these cities always inspires her to cook and recreate some traditional recipes in her own way. Also, she loves site-seeing and wants to live her life to the fullest. However, she declared that her latest cooking show, Eat Better and Feel Better, will showcase lighter foods that taste delicious, from hearty Bolognese to chocolatey treats.

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