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Expert Advice on Prevention of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

It is not a surprising fact that our capacity to hear and the sense of hearing decrease significantly as we age. The ability of ears to process sound waves usually changes over time. Still, the specialists state that these days, the misfortunes related to hearing loss are happening at younger ages, and they presume our headphone propensities are the main culprits behind these incidents. The loud sounds can harm the hair-like sensory receptors, i.e., hair cells that change sound waves into electrical signals and then send them for processing inside our brain.

About 12.5% of youngsters and teenagers who fall in the age bracket of 6-19 years and 17% of grown-ups aged 20-69 years have endured permanent harm to their hearing from direct exposure to excessively loud sounds and noise. It is quite unfortunate that there is nothing that a person can do to reverse the damage to hearing; one can always take precautions to avoid further harm. Here are a few steps that one can follow to bolster this vital sense.

Take a break

As you tune into something, your ears get automatically adjusted to the volume. At the same time, you may find the temptation to turn the volume to high decibels, don’t give in to the temptation, and while listening to the same device, take a 5-10 minute break.

The purpose of taking the break is that by hearing the audio over long intervals of time, you end up using all the neurotransmitters that transmit the signals to further communicate with your sound-related nerve.

Set a breaking point

There is no way to find out a rather safe and protected volume level since the force of sound created by cellphones and tablets fluctuates according to brand and model. In any case, you can diminish the danger of harming your ears by using a volume control app. There are a variety of apps available on the app stores that help significantly in controlling the volume according to the need.

Use ear protection

The intensity of sound at shows can cause damage to ears in only 5 minutes. That is why many ENT specialists have recommended not going to DJ shows and going to singing concerts. Or, one can always use a musician earplug, which brings the sounds down. Many specialists have advised making earplugs a part of health hygiene. One puts on a jacket when it is cold, so one must use earplugs when it is loud.

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