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What Spiritual Lessons Can We Lessons Can We Learn From Pope Francis?

The best hacks come from those who walk their talks, as they say. Putting it simply, this means that if you are looking for ‘shortcuts’ or hacks, you must seek them in someone who actually does it. You can not essentially ask for motivation from a technician. Why? Simply because it is not something he specializes in.

Likewise, you can not seek spiritual guidance from someone who doe not believe in religion or spirituality in the first place. Thus, if you are looking for a spiritual lesson, you must tune into the right figures. How about Pope Francis, you may wonder? Well, definitely. After all, he is the leader of billions of devotees across the world. His followers are firm believers in God, spirituality, and the purpose of life.

PBS / Let’s learn some worthwhile spiritual lessons from the most loved spiritual leader, Pope Francis.

Recently, Pope Francis sat with a bunch of broadcasters. Of course, the purpose of this gathering was not something political. Instead, it was what you could expect from the leader of the largest religion in the world: Spirituality. According to Pope Francis, there is a password for everything today. Sign up for something, and the gateway will be opened through a password. Unlock your phone, and you will require a password.

The same is true for spirituality, Pope Francis argues. What is that, ask the curious correspondents who were eager to know about the ‘hook.’ What came out of Pope’s mouth was nothing more or less than pearls of wisdom.

The New Yorker / Pope Francis tells us the “password” and hook of spirituality.

Let’s go ahead and learn the “password” of spirituality from Pope Francis:

  • Self-Knowledge is the Key to Spirituality

The foremost thing that Pope Francis talks about is self-knowledge. According to him, there is no one on earth who can attain spirituality without adequate self-knowledge. What is self-knowledge, you may wonder? Well, listen to Pope himself. Self-knowledge simply means your worth and understanding of who you truly are.

Furthermore, Pope quotes the classic Greek quotation: “Know thyself.” He explains that knowing yourself has always been fundamental to human existence. For Francis, knowing yourself is the first step to attaining spirituality.

Ed / Pexels / If you want to attain spirituality, know yourself first.

So, if you want to develop an unwavering relationship with God, begin with yourself. Understand yourself first. The next step will be understanding God.

  • God Exists in Every Sigh That We Take

The next thing Pope Francis emphasizes is the existence of God. God is everywhere and ubiquitous, he asserts. And all of us need to acknowledge that. Once we do that, spirituality will be within our reach. All else leads nowhere.

Furthermore, Pope Francis states that all of us must be grateful for the existence of God. We should be thankful to God that he looks after us. He takes care of us and knows what is good and what is bad for us.

If we know that God exists in every facet of our lives, we will be nearer to Him. Consequently, we will attain spirituality.

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