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A Wholesome Journey Of An Aussie Student Who Finds The Cure For His Dad’s Cardiac Diseases

The relationship between parents and kids is the only unconditional love that exists in the world. What every father does for his family is nothing more or less than an attempt to secure his kids’ future. The struggles a father goes through are certainly unmeasurable. Of course, not every son can understand that. As these kids grow up, they walk through the shadow of their parents.

They succeed in life and enjoy a successful career. At this point, it is their obligation to look after their parents. Sons, especially, have to make sure that their parents are in perfect health. In fact, they must do whatever it takes to take care of their parents as they cross the standard age. This is what exactly a 25-year-old Aussie student has done.

Victoria / Pexels / It is a moral obligation of kids to look after their parents as they age.

What seemed to be a theoretical myth was practicalized by an Australian Ph.D. student. Meet Tim Robert, a 25-year-old graduate. His father had done everything for him to ensure that Tim lived a prestigious life, attended the best university in the world, and succeeded in life. A typical father’s dream, for sure.

But there was a problem with life – a big one. Life can be uncertain and sometimes cruel. While Tim was living his father’s dreams and was on the way to achieving those dreams, life had something different for him.

Kampus / Pexels / While Tim was living the dreams of his dad, life struck ruthlessly.

What was awaiting this father-son duo was shocking and heart-wrenching. A cardiac heart disease! Deadly and untreatable. Doctors had thrown in the towel and given up on Tim’s dad. It is not treatable, the doctor said. Tim’s dad was suffering from a kind of terminal disease that was very rare. A disease that was never diagnosed.

So, doctors had no clue about it. They failed to treat it. As you would expect, both the data and the son were in a state of absolute agony. But do you think they gave up on it? Well, think again. Because what you are about to hear next is a wholesome dad-son story.

Kampus / Pexels / Not only Tim diagnosed the cardiac disease, but he also treated it himself.

Tim went on to conduct his own research and see what this naive disease was. Robert Jr. went to figure out the causes and nature of his father’s terminal diseases.

He did not stop there! Instead, he went on to secure a Ph.D. degree in this field. After graduating from the University of Australia, Tim now specializes in this “naive” terminal disease. Not only he knows the causes of this disease. But he also knows how to treat it.

Looking for a happy ending? Sure! Tim’s dad is now alive and in perfect health. He acknowledges that his son has attained his dad’s dreams. Not only will he preserve his dad’s life, but he will also be a walking angel for millions of patients.

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