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Top Wellness Destinations That Are Good For Your Mind, Body, and Soul

While most people enjoy traveling, some people who are advocates of health and wellness dread it. It may be they didn’t want to be tempted with eating delicious unhealthy foods which may jeopardize their diet regimen.

Some people dread traveling in fear of breaking their workout routine, while some just don’t want to deal with the hassle and stress when going to a new place. If you’re, one of these challenged people, then you’re in luck! These health and wellness experts gave their favorite top wellness destinations that are good for your health and wellbeing.


Hawaii stands out not only as a favorite tourist spot but also as a wellness destination for health advocates.

This popular US state offers exquisite tropical experiences to the foreigners through its various activities like beach yoga, hiking, and snorkeling. Every island offers different sights and adventures you surely wouldn’t want to miss!

If you’re looking for the best wellness retreat in this state, then need no more than Maui. You can find luxurious resorts there with award-winning Spas and posh accommodations. Want to have a rush of adrenaline and adventure? The warm climate and waves in Maui make it a perfect venue for surfing and extreme aquatic workout.

New Zealand

This Oceanian country has plenty of stunning features and sceneries to offer, making it one of the best wellness retreat countries in the world. Its remarkable beaches, forests, and fjords offer a calm and peaceful ambiance that is perfect for meditation.

Make sure to book your room at a five-star Millbrook Resort in Queenstown to experience a one-of-a-kind retreat experience. The resort adorned a 500-acre natural rural setting with a 27-hole golf course to walk, jog, or have an outdoor exercise.

Want to have a relaxing massage and spa? Head on to their luxurious spa that offers an extensive menu of wellness programs and treatments. Lastly, the wellness experts recommend you don’t miss enjoying their Southern Alps body treatments there!


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Enjoy the mild Mediterranean weather and the stunning terrain as you unwind in Italy.

Want to experience Europe’s grandeur as well as its mild Mediterranean weather? Head on to Italy and visit the Adler Thermal Spa Resort. This resort offers exclusive spa treatments you can’t get from other resorts like vinotherapy.

Want to exercise and connect with nature outside? You can go hiking or cycling on their 125-mile trails. You can also end your day with a relaxing treat by indulging a bit on their delicious truffle tastings and exquisite wines.


California isn’t only home to the prestigious Hollywood, but also to an amazing wellness trip.

The visitors can make a stopover at Ojai Valley Inn and Spa to nourish their bodies from the luminous, blue waters at Spa Ojai. The resort offers various wellness treatments like massage and sauna. Lastly, you can enjoy gazing at the peaceful yet stunning sunset views in the area and experience its festive seasonal activities.


Want to indulge yourself in the warm, tropical climate in Southeast Asia? Then it’s time for you to visit Singapore! This country receives consistent praises and awards around the world for its extensive menu of wellness treatments, programs, and luxurious spas. It’s perfect for those who want a change of scenery to meditate and unwind.


If you want another taste of Europe and experience the world’s first macrobiotic spa, the travel experts advise you to go to Spain! You can visit the SHA Wellness Clinic to experience the macrobiotic spa while you converse with other visitors. You can also enjoy the country’s east coast and its stunning beaches as you experience different wellness treatment and nutritional re-education.

Costa Rica

This European country has consistent warm water all-year round, making it a perfect spot for beach-goers and surfers. It also offers unique hot springs to promote body healing. You can visit th Tabacon Grand spa located at the Arenal Volcano’s base!

It offers a variety of hot springs with different mineral content and let you enjoy a unique wellness experience. Not only that, but wellness experts say this resort is completely natural and eco-friendly.

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