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The Threat Of Mental Health Problems In Ukrainian Children

The world went into a state of shock when the news of the attack broke out. Many people couldn’t fathom that war was possible in today’s world, where economic growth and development are considered a global priority. Soon enough, the Ukrainian Government confirmed the attack, and the other governments of the world released statements in which they condemned the attack and extended a helping hand to the people of Ukraine. Since then, the internet has been full of images, stories, and videos showcasing the people of Ukraine leaving their homes behind and moving into different European states. Some citizens moved to the U.S., UK, and Israel, where they received a warm welcome, but no amount of monetary, physical, or emotional support can help the mental health crisis that is being expected for the children of Ukraine.

Katie Godowski/Pexels | No child deserves to live in this situation

The War-Stricken Children of Ukraine

This is a nightmare-like story that the world has witnessed many times in the form of Iraqi children who suffered during and after the war, the children in Syria whose new normal is living in a war-stricken country, and now, it is children of Ukraine that share the fate of these middle-eastern countries. When war takes place in a country, the world focuses on providing shelter, refuge, food, and other necessities. But, what this aid and support cannot provide is peace of mind. Not knowing whether your friends and families are okay or whether the old lady down the street is safe or not plays a significant role in damaging the children’s mental health, which can lead to many of them developing mental disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety and depression. Experts believe that the children of Ukraine are on the brink of mental health crisis and if relevant steps are not taken to prevent this, millions of children will suffer from mental health issues.

The Haunting Figures

According to proven studies, when a country faces war, at least 22% of the population dealing with conflict ends up developing some sort of mental health disorder. If the results of this study are placed on Ukraine’s situation, approximately 4,595,591 people are expected to develop mental health problems, of which 1,531,864 will be children. An assessment conducted with the parents of the displaced Ukrainian families as their sample had the following findings; it was discovered that their biggest concern was their children’s mental health and the war’s impact on their young minds.

Mathias/Pexels | These figures are enough to send chills down anyone’s spine

The Silver Lining

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and for the children of Ukraine, it is their resilience and ability to overcome the traumatic event if they are provided with the right kind of support. Experts suggest that simply investing $50 per person can prevent over 1 million people from developing mental health issues, especially when war is prevalent. This means that a safer and healthier future for the children of Ukraine is not impossible. However, it would require the non-governmental organizations and governments of the world to join hands and help those in need.

Mathias/Pexels | It’s time to join hands to protect over a million children from mental health problems

If the world governments and organizations can unite for this cause, the children of Ukraine will not face the same conditions as the children of other war-stricken countries.

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