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Things Every Pregnant Career Women Must Know

More and more women are breaking the gender norms that present inequality. Women have come a long way from the time when they were not able to work and vote as now, the world is starting to loosen up from these traditional restrictions resulting in an equal world.

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Years back, men were expected to work for the entire household while women should only stay at home. Now, more women are landing jobs that can support a family. It’s already a common sight to see where a household receives two incomes every month. With this rise of acceptance, laws around the world are starting to open its doors to pregnant women.

Pregnancy is hard as it is, much more when women have and must work to be able to afford labor and hospital bills. Some women also prefer working than lounging in the house. Though pregnant women are already accepted, the indifference still exists. Here are some ways to get the best of both worlds for all those working women out there.

Know the company law

Knowing the company policy about pregnancy and maternity leave is the best armor a woman can possibly have. Though there are nations that have concrete laws about this, it’s still good to get familiar with the specifics of the company. The company policy will also be the guide to plotting the maternity leave in the near future. And women can protect themselves from possible exploitation when it comes to these delicate matters.

Don’t overwork
Lamaze class will help the mother achieve a calm and safer labor practices

There is a clear line between working and overworking. Pregnant women should listen to their body more than listening to dependent bosses. Taking work at home can only result in strain and exhaustion, which are both not advisable during pregnancy. Remember, carrying an unborn child is work enough, so don’t stretch it out even more.

Bring food and water

During pregnancy, women tend to crave and get hungrier than usual. Carrying light snack that is full of nutrients like peanuts and fruits can be a total game changer. Bringing snacks will ensure that the body receives good food since women have to be particular about nutrition. It can also help skip dinner outs that can be both expensive and unhealthy. Hydrating is also a very important since it can help lessen painful cramps during these times.

Nutrition and a balanced diet should always be a priority for pregnant women, working or not.

Take small breaks

A small walk and little stretch can help boost overall mood. Women who are working on desk jobs should find a time to do low-intensity exercise. This can be helpful to have an easier labor. While women who are in retail or food industry that require them to constantly move should also find a time to just sit down and relax.

Women should not overstrain their bodies. There should be a balance between resting and working.

Wear maternity clothes

It’s expected that everything will grow as the pregnancy progresses. Hips and chest areas will grow, not to mention, sensitive. Toes will also tend to become fatter. This is the reason why women should have proper maternity clothes. Wearing skimpy clothes can affect the overall mood of the mother. Maternal clothes should be bought during the pregnancy to achieve the perfect fit. And since more and more women are already having careers, fashionable maternity clothes will not be a problem.

Be a part of a group

Pregnancy can be a challenge but surrounding one’s self with friends and family can help lessen the stress

For first time mothers, having someone to talk to about the transitions will make the process easier. Talking to workmates who already have experience with holding down a career and carrying an unborn a child can have a huge impact. The emotional support will also keep the negative emotions at bay. It’s important to feel wanted and loved during these delicate moments.

It’s also good to have someone for support. Since nausea and fatigue will become pregnancy symptoms, asking someone for help can become a major bonus. Working moms are now becoming a norm. Women should not be ashamed of having a career. If a man can raise a family while working, so can a woman.

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