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Feeling Altruistic? Here Are the Most Beautiful Places to Give Back to the Community

In this world, there are individuals who can truly be selfless. It’s not that they are doing it for personal gain, or for glory. Rather, they do it because they feel that they need to do it for the benefit of others. Such individuals have a very special connection to the world known as altruism.

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Altruistic people love to be selfless and give back to the community as much as they can

Belief in Kindness and Generosity

That is, these individuals believe with strong conviction that it is their duty to do something positive for the environment, and to create harmony in the process.

That being said, it’s not always that an altruist should take their altruism to the most deplorable places on earth. They can still be altruists while enjoying and sampling the richness that this planet has to offer.

As a matter of fact, though the inhabitants of some places can be quite poor and need of both physical and financial aid, they were blessed enough to be living in a place that quite frankly, is a slice right out of heaven.

That being said, if you’re naturally an altruist and would love to sample the beauty of the world around you, you can do so in some of the most exotic places on earth. In fact, why don’t you spend your next vacation doing some good while sampling a breathtaking sunset?

So here are the top places you can spread love and kindness while still sampling the definition of a great holiday.

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Most leaders learn crucial life values such as humility to appreciate individuals in their company

North Island Seychelles

This breathtaking island whose economy is practically run by tourism, is currently experiencing ongoing conservation methods. In fact, quite a number of volunteer work programs are available here, and at the center of them is the Noah’s Ark Rehabilitation program.

Guests have the opportunity to partner with the Wildlife ACT, and hence they will be grouped with a team of environmentalists. This way, you will be labeled as an ecotourist on the island, and thus you will be provided with the privilege of tagging along with the scientists, as well as Seychelles volunteers. In the process, you will be provided info on knowing about the different kind of endangered species around, including other factors such as ecosystem restoration, marine conservation, and the monitoring of the different kind of species around.

Surprisingly, not more than four tourists join any conservation on the private island!

Baros Maldives

At the center of preserving the beauty and majesty of the reefs is the Dive Center. Additionally, the Baros Maldives has been certified as the official resort of the EcoDrive Centre in the Maldives region.

Moreover, the Baros Maldives has internationally been recognized as the largest data collection program that works alongside with governments and communities, as well as businesses.

That being said, Reef Check is the company that monitors, maintains and restores the health of coral reefs in different parts of the globe.

Bali, the Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa

A beautiful and glorified beach resort, the spa does a lot to provide plenty of assistance to local projects around its vicinity. One of them is its generous contribution and funding to help the Role Foundation’s Soap Recycling Program.

In fact, yearly, the island of Bali loses over 75 tons worth of soap that is discarded by villas and hotels. What’s surprising is that the soap might have only be used once, or only twice. In some cases, the soap might not have been used at all!

That being said, nearly every month, Role Foundation undertakes a vigorous process of collecting all this soap and then proceeds to deliver it to the processing center that the Foundation has set up to reprocess these soaps.

This small-scale reprocessing center is located at the Role Foundation campus situated in the Nusa Dua region.

After reaching the center, the soap is then broken down, sanitized, and then repackaged to produce new soap.

That being said, the goal of Role is to recycle over 19,500 bars to be reutilized in the hospitality region on an annual basis.

Moreover, the soap is then taken to orphanages and communities to be used to ameliorate their hygiene and cleanliness.

Conclusively, if you are in an altruistic mood, the aforementioned areas are great places to kickstart your vacation of giving back to the community. That being said, you can further sample other lovely places around the globe to spread your message of love and kindness!

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