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Don’t Let Anxiety Sabotage Your Vacation! Try These Tips

Whether you’re driving, working, sleeping, or on vacation, anxiety doesn’t care. They can happen without warning at any time. These assaults are often felt as a mix of unsettling feelings, unpleasant thoughts, and uncomfortable bodily sensations. Chest discomfort, accelerated heart rate, shortness of breath, and perspiring profusely are typical physical signs. It is common for someone to experience terror during an anxiety attack, feeling as though they are losing their grasp on reality and worrying that they may suffocate – or perhaps even pass away.

Kamaji/Pexels | Do you anticipate a significant trip and worry that anxiety attacks would mar your getaway?

Here’s how you can minimize anxiety while traveling:

1. Plan Ahead

Among the easiest methods to reduce anxiety while traveling is to have a decent plan and schedule. Plan your trip well, reserve your hotel as well as other arrangements in advance, and be prepared for everything. While being organized is beneficial, being overly strict might make it harder to control your anxiety.

If it’s raining or the museum you can’t wait to visit is inaccessible, have a fallback plan in place. And don’t worry about the minor inconveniences that may arise when traveling. Especially if you encounter an unforeseen delay at the hotel or even the airport, give yourself permission to find pleasure in a nice book, movie, or even music. Keep in mind that being adaptable might help you manage your anxiety and stress when traveling.

MHA/Pexels | Being conscientious of your anxiety causes might also be beneficial

2. Disconnect

Check to see if you are not required to work first. Set thorough away messages on any extra communication channels your company may be using, such as Microsoft Teams. You might even want to remove any work-related applications from your phone, or at the very least, disable their alerts. You may fully disconnect by clearly stating in your away notes you are going to be entirely disconnected. You don’t want to be thinking about your job at all.

If figuring out a new destination stress you, your phone can act as the ultimate guide. Research and prepare in advance about the places worth visiting, nearest hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. And don’t underestimate the power of your Maps app.

3. Preparation is Key

For maximum comfort when traveling, it’s crucial to embark on vacation feeling prepared to handle your anxiety episodes.  If you are traveling with someone, you may want to prepare a plan for what to do if an anxiety attack ensues. For instance, you can ask your family and friends to give you the time and space you need to recuperate, letting them engage in other activities while you return to your room to gather your thoughts and relax.

Tamba/Pexels | Take no shame in retiring to your room whenever needed

You can take extra precautions to prepare for your vacation, such as finishing any follow-up appointments with your attending doctor and/or counselor. Make doubly sure you have plenty of your medicine, and consult your doctor if you have any worries about traveling.

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