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The Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

Do you have any idea about the dirty things you touch every day? It is quite common for us to come into contact with some of the dirty surfaces that are crawling germs.

For example, a single source could have more germs than the other. Since we have your attention, now let us give you some of the dirtiest things you touch every day.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“If dirt were trumps, what hands you would hold!”
Charles Lamb [/su_quote]

The Kitchen Sink


Believe it or not but the kitchen sink contains over 100,000 germs compared to your bathroom. In order to clear the germs, you will need some bleach to keep them away from your kitchen sink. Ignore the bleach, and you could have millions of germs swarming around the kitchen sink.

Wet Laundry

You may just have handed the wet laundry after it was just washed. You may consider the laundry clean, but if you haven’t washed it in hot water that is at least 140°F, you are possibly touching E Coli, salmonella and various kinds of unwanted viruses. You should also ensure that the laundry goes into the dryer right away. Otherwise, you will need to wash it again. You may also want to wash your underwear separately.


The Bathroom

It is common knowledge that the bathroom is a breeding ground for germs. However, did you know that a single toilet flush can spray microdroplets of dirty water about 8 feet away? 8 feet is approximately close to 2 m. You can easily avoid the microdroplets from spraying around by closing the lid before you flush.

Your Desk 

Do not forget your hand sanitizer when you are heading out for the day. It is well known that an adult touches 30 objects every minute. Your desk would be the second most germ-infected object after the phone. It is, therefore, no wonder that people get sick at work. You should wipe your desk frequently and avoid leaving crumbs everywhere. They are happy homes for bacteria of various types. Therefore, put your hand sanitizer to good use because it can keep you away from sickness.

The Average Dollar Bill Can Make You Sick

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The Average dollar bill is one of the dirtiest things you touch every day, particularly when you are going out for lunch and trying to pay cash. It has  3000 types of bad germs. You can consider leaving your money in the bank and use your debit card, which will definitely have fewer germs on it.

Exercising Equipment

Thinking of heading to the gym is a good idea at the end of the day. However, do not consider it as a health club because that is just an expression. The cardio equipment, yoga mats, and the weights at the gym can carry many germs, including the strain of MRSA of the Staphylococcus bacteria, which is difficult to beat even with antibiotics. Ensure that you disinfect the equipment before and after you use it. Also, wash your hands as a good measure.

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It is possible that we haven’t even started to speak about all the places where germs linger but there is no reason to be concerned. Every day, we touch millions of things that contain germs, but we generally feel fine. Add to some common sense, and you will be more cautious next time.

Just 5% of the people reading this post article will follow this advice. However, if you want to stay away from any problems, wash your hands with hot water and scrub them for 20 seconds with soap. After rinsing your hands, dry them on clean towels and repeat this procedure whenever required.

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