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Is The 9-5 Work-from-Home Routine Bringing You Down? Here are a few tips to boost your Mood

Since the emergence of COVID-19, the world has been in partial lockdown. Many things have changed to ensure people’s safety, and one of the most prominent ones is the way of working.

Several offices have shifted to employees’ homes. Social media is often flooded with pictures of home-offices that different people have set up. And although many have been enjoying working from home as it saves them the stress of commuting and sitting at a desk all day, it sometimes causes loneliness to be confined to a limited space without seeing other like-minded people around.


Unsplash | Working from home for several hours at stretch can make you feel lonely and depressed

If you’ve been facing something similar, in this article, you’ll learn how to curb loneliness as you work from home.

Tips to Stay Positive and Productive when Working from Home

Communicate with your Colleagues

Loneliness can wreck your working spirit. Under normal circumstances, you would be at your office desk or having lunch with your colleagues, or maybe enjoying a cup of coffee during a break from work. When working from home, you don’t get this chance, and this may cause loneliness.

Hence, don’t wait for your office to resume; call your colleagues. You can FaceTime them or organize a zoom party for your department. Surprise them with calls on their birthdays. You can even engage in online challenges and games with them.

Keep fit through desk exercises

Loneliness is a disease of the mind, and one of its cures is exercise. There are simple home exercises that you can engage in. You can even learn from YouTube. Exercise will keep your body in shape and your mind at rest.

It will improve your thinking and judgment skills and keep your mind off issues that may damage your health. Exercise is scientifically proven to be a useful tool for curbing depression. You can even go for a walk in your neighborhood and say hi to your neighbors.


SnackNation | Engage in desk exercises to stay fit and feel active

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Go on a short solo-trip nearby

Most countries have been relaxing their restrictions. You can use the chance to enjoy yourself alone. It’s a good chance for you to change your environment and spend some time on a beach or a nearby wood where you can suck in nature and feel at peace.

Take breaks by surfing the net and watching your favorite series

Another thing that can keep you occupied is the internet. Look at things that have happened during the pandemic. You can jump on a trend on Twitter or watch something on YouTube or Netflix. You can learn new things while working from home.

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Unsplash | Take breaks and watch TV or Netflix series

To sum it up

Loneliness is bad for your body. If you let it get to you, it will influence your productivity negatively. So, make sure to stay connected to your loved ones, exercise regularly, and eat well.

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