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3 Empowering Self-Help Books That Will Change Your Life

Self-help books can help you unlock your potential and feel happier and healthier, whether you want to feel more courageous, implement new habits into your daily routine, stop worrying, or become more productive.

‘Self-care techniques and general lifestyle changes can help manage the symptoms of many mental health problems,’ according to the mental health charity MIND. ‘They may also aid in the prevention or worsening of some problems.’

Dr. Alex George / Emma Hepburn | Focus attention on the feeling inside you

While self-help books have a bad reputation (because many people believe they are intended to be a quick fix), almost anyone could benefit from some words of wisdom. Look for inspirational books that aim to improve nearly any aspect of your life, from developing good habits to building mental strength. The best self-help books provide practical, actionable advice to help you achieve your goals. We’ve got all the best self-improvement books to help you reignite your flame, whether you need a little motivation or are ready to completely overhaul your mindset.

The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor

According to Shawn Anchor’s research, we do not seek or achieve happiness: we are happiness. Anchor explains how positivity has neurological effects in “The Happiness Advantage” (the good kind). Furthermore, he has applied his research and years of experience as a Harvard lecturer in nearly every conceivable environment, from the high school locker room to the chairman of the board. The ‘advantage’ of Anchor’s self-help book is its breathtaking ability to transport us from the mundane to what truly matters: the joy of being.

Big Magic

Dr Alex George / Emma Hepburn | True change happens when you align your heart, your truths, and your energy

We can all benefit from creativity, whether it’s at work, in our daily lives, or in achieving our goals. In her best-selling self-help book, “Big Magic,” Elizabeth Gilbert argues that by cultivating the right mindset, anyone can live a creative life.

The author of “Eat Pray Love” uses her personal experience as a writer to show how she overcame common challenges that creative people face, such as finding inspiration, dealing with the pressure to make a living from your creative work, and reframing the concept of success, all by changing her mindset toward creativity.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist or creative person, “Big Magic” is a relatable guide to harnessing the power of creativity by implementing new habits that allow you to create freely.

Gilbert uses anecdotes from others, in addition to her own, to demonstrate how creativity plays a role in so many aspects of life.

Live Well Every Day: Your Plan for a Happy Body and Mind

Dr Alex George / Emma Hepburn | It takes strength and courage to take a step back and remind ourselves that people’s reactions are not about us

With this phenomenal book, the former “Love Island” star and A&E doctor has used his experience of living in the spotlight, studying medicine, working in a pandemic, and reflecting on his own mental health to empower readers.

In this self-help book, Dr. George provides tools and advice on how people can make better choices and feel better equipped to face the world and the peaks and troughs of resilience and strength throughout life.

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