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You’ve Got The Idea Of LOVE All Wrong!

When you ask people about love, they often come straight to romantic love. The media industry has spent multi-billions in making people believe that love is all about finding the right “one”.  However, this small word can have various meanings to different people. For some, love is a priority; for others, it’s a source of risk, while others may even consider it a way of living. Love is a special feeling of care, respect, and longevity which accepts no boundaries or restrictions. Human love is not just restricted to romantic love; it extends to our family, our friends, and even our pets.

Asad/Pexels | Romanic love is just one form of love. There are many different forms that we neglect

Love and Reality

The social media industry highlights romantic love so much that we forget the other forms of love in our lives. All forms of love carry the same benefits and joy as romantic love. In reality, our love for our parents, family, and friends lasts longer and is much more trusted than the romantic love we desire. The kind of love we have with a lover is much more stressful than in other relationships. Believing in finding the “one” has led to difficulties for people in finding a lover. According to the National Statistics and Relate, by the year 2039, one in seven people in the UK will be living alone, and today, one in six people live alone hoping to find the right one.

On the bright side, the change has benefited women as they now have the freedom to choose the person who can take care of their needs and kids. Women no longer depend on men for survival, and their priorities are not just limited to getting married and having kids. Women now prefer waiting to build a happy relationship instead of forcefully entering into a relationship.

Elle/Pexels | Love in friendship is beautiful and stress-free

Love Exists In So Many Ways!

Relationship science shows that all other relationships are underpinned by the same psychological and biological benefits mechanisms and are equally beneficial as romantic love. Even if we consider romantic love, there are many opportunities instead of just sticking to finding the “one” strategy. If you are in a relationship and decide to stick to the traditional format and sleep with one partner or try polyamorists, in both scenarios, you should be honest, trust, and openly communicate with your lover.

Vjapratama/Pexels | We miss out on the joys of life waiting for romantic love


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