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The Surprising Reason Why Women Cheat on Their Husbands

When it comes to marital relationships men are always the bad guys. They are the ones who usually get caught in affairs and take the blame for breaking up the marriage. However, things are no different with women with approximately 19% admitting that they’ve cheated on their husbands.

The reasons for the cheating vary. Some are downright absurd. However, it women could pay men back equally well and cheat just like their counterparts do. Let us look at a few instances where women decided they had taken enough and concluded it was time to give back some of the treatment they had received from their husbands. As we provide these instances to you, we also give you the ages of the women and the reasons why they decided to make a change in their lives.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]“Cheating and lying aren’t struggles, they’re reasons to break up.” — Patti Callahan Henry [/su_quote]

Fear Of Age


One woman from New York was everything a man would want in a wife. She was intelligent, funny, beautiful and extremely fit because of her devotion to physical fitness. However, one day close to her 40th birthday, she decided to cheat on her husband. She went ahead and slept with her physical instructor.

The woman believed that she was losing her looks and the affair with the instructor made her feel desirable.

Millions of women are getting older without any qualms about getting involved with another person or sleeping with their physical instructors. Therefore, one needs to ask what made this woman feel different. Was she beginning to feel insecure about herself? Did she feel that her husband would not be attracted to her because she was closing in on 40? We can have a number of theories, but the fact will remain unchanged that the woman cheated on her husband.

Fear of Financial Restrictions

One woman from California had every reason to be furious with her husband, who reprimanded her for making too many purchases using her debit card. She had her debit card taken away and cut into two pieces, which was humiliating. To make matters worse, her husband also put restrictions on her movements and imposed a spending limit on her. Although he was just trying to keep the budgets in check, he perhaps went too far to antagonize his wife to do the unthinkable.

The woman did not like the restrictions. Neither did she approve the spending limits. She decided to get her own back by sleeping with her ex-boyfriend a few months after the incident. Could she have improved the situation by having a discussion with her husband? Could the couple have utilized apps to keep tabs on their spending limits? Was it necessary for the woman to cheat on her husband just because of a squabble between themselves? Regardless of the reasons, the realities about this incident will remain as they are because the woman got back at her husband by using a method of her choice.

The Fear Of Being Neglected

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Every woman has a fear of being neglected by her husband. The woman we are now talking about was no different in this regard. Perhaps the only problem was that she wanted attention all the time, including significant time with her husband in bed. Her husband did not share her beliefs which led her to decide she was perhaps being neglected.

In this case, this couple had intimate differences, and the matter could easily have been resolved by having a discussion with each other. However, desperation got the better of the woman. She decided to have an affair to give herself the feeling that she was indeed desirable and not being neglected by her new boyfriend.

Are these instances giving you the feeling that women are the villains in some cases? The biggest reason why women cheat is that they feel undesired and unattractive particularly with advancing age. All the instances in this discussion are about women in their early 40s. Therefore, men are NOT the only culprits in matters like these because quite a few women also involve themselves in unnecessary trouble.

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