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These Strong-Willed Women Explain How You Can Cope With Emotional Breakups

All of us dream of finding our significant other and have a happy ever after with them. As much as we want the person we’re hooking up with to become our The One, unfortunately, not every relationship ends with a happy ending.

A lot of times, it ends with a devastating breakup. And we’re left to pick up the pieces and put them back together. How can we move on from a failed relationship if all we feel are the emptiness, pain, sadness, and loss? These six women shared how they cope up with breakups and you can try these tips as you embark on a journey to heal your heart.

Try Engaging in Sports

According to Sarah, she thought at first that she dated someone she truly believed she was going to marry someday. However, their relationship was far from perfect and it devastated her when they eventually broke up. She was scarred by her boyfriend who cheated on her. She needed something to serve as her anchor to cope with pain, and that’s when she took interest in playing soccer.

After her broke up, she decided to join her college soccer team and she realized it was the best decision she made in her life. The women on her team helped her build her self-confidence and her worth as a woman. They helped her explore, learn, and venture out into the world. Of course, engaging in sports didn’t come easily to her at first. But she developed perseverance and patience as she tried out new skills. Eventually, she found her own happiness and success.


Rachel Turner has been married but it ended up in a divorce. It was harder for her to overcome the relationship since she and her husband still have feelings for each other. However, their relationship was no longer working.

When they broke up, she was suddenly free but she didn’t know how to live her life anymore.

It was hard for her to get by day by day since she spent the last 10 years of her life with someone she loved. For the first time, Rachel felt truly alone.

That’s when two of her friends invited her to visit them so that she could take a breather. Rachel accepted the invitation and she drove in to the middle of nowhere for five hours. That’s when she realized she had never felt more alive and free since then.

Every trip she had helped discover herself. She started going outside her comfort zone and do the things that used to scare her, she met new people in different places. She also learned how to live alone. Traveling helped her expand her horizon and mend her broken heart.

Filling Up Your Schedule

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Emily claimed the best way to overcome a breakup is to focus on yourself, your friends, and families, rather than thinking about what could have been.

According to Emily Ohrtman, her breakup made a huge blow on her happiness, self-worth, and her confidence. The first thing she did was to talk to her friends and asked for their help and support. She revealed how she didn’t want to be alone, so she tried distracting herself by working and filling the vacant holes in her schedule.

Instead of wallowing herself in pity, she started catching up with her friends and families. She filled up her schedules with her friends and that’s when she realized how much she was missing out. She’s been so focused on her relationship that she forgot the people who accepted her, supported her, and loved her.

Give Yourself Some Space

Some people may hide their true feelings after a breakup to pretend everything’s okay and not hurting, but not with Abby Hofrichter. If anything, she allowed herself to feel sad, grieve for her failed relationship, and cry for as long as she wanted. She claimed it’s easier to just let all your heartache out and cry until there are no more tears left to cry. It’s okay to give space for yourself since it allows you to feel these emotions.

When everything’s over, that’s when you can finally be free from the emotions that bind you to the past. She said it’ll help you to live a new life again and engage in a relationship in a new, clean slate. That’s also the time you can give your 100% to your new relationship since your emotions are now okay.

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