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Want to Find True Love? Start Traveling Now!

Want to find the right one for you but with no such luck? Why don’t you try traveling? This new survey reveals how some travelers found their significant others by traveling. And who knows? Your loved one might already be waiting for you in your next flight or travel destination.

The Survey

The said survey was conducted by the renowned company HSBC, which asked around 5,000 travelers around the world about the onboard connections they’ve made while traveling. Most of them revealed how one in every 50 travelers met the love of their life while boarding a plane.

The survey also found that aside from finding a romantic relationship while traveling, 16% of travelers also formed business connections while on their flight. While 14% of the travelers say they build long-lasting friendships with the locals or foreigners they met while traveling. What’s more? The survey also discovered shocking statistics concerning American travelers.

The company conducted the survey last July 2018 for travelers from over 141 different countries all over the world.

It shows that at least two couples meet on an average flight. So if you’re hoping to finally meet your significant other in your next flight, most love and relationship coaches advise you to download apps to help you connect with fellow travelers.

One app you can download according to relationship coaches is Btrfly, which lets you connect with travelers in over 380 airports around the world. You can just input your flight information or airport name and you’ll see which travelers will have the same flight as you.

The web-based app Planely, on the other hand, works as a social network for travelers. You can set up a group chat to meet in-flight or plan your next destination as your flight schedule matches or mutual interests in activities match.

Tips to Find Your True Love While Traveling

Aside from enjoying the view, exploring the new place and discovering more about yourself, you can apply these tips given by relationship coaches to help you find your true love easier when traveling.

Be Open to New Experience.

When going to a new place or country, the relationship coaches advise you to be wild and free and try the things you don’t normally do since no one knows you at all.

Have you ever read a phrase or quotes somewhere where you wish to travel in a place no one knows you and start a new life? That’s exactly what the relationship coaches want you to do. Be bold and daring as you go into new places and try exciting things you didn’t do before. Want to surf and hit the beach? Book a surfing session for an hour. Want to wear that sexy two-piece you have? It’s time to flaunt your sexy body, no one you know will judge you anyway.

Want to go hiking? Plan a trekking or camping activity as you travel. These new and exciting activities might be out of your comfort zone, but its rewarding experience will be worth it. The relationship coaches also note this is how you’ll meet new people in your life. And who knows, you’ll accidentally meet the love of your life here too. Do not limit yourself to your comfort zone.

Be Friendly and Hand Your Calling Card to Interesting People You Meet.

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According to relationship coaches, traveling is one way of creating positive views based on actual, real experience.

Despite the negative reviews or conceptions you have with people, like how all men are rude or how there’s no single person around your age in Florida, do not close your door to new people. Remember there are millions of people all over the world, so you can still meet single and wonderful people along the way.

Try talking to a few locals or some foreigners as you go to your next destination. Engage in insightful conversations and if you think they’re interesting and would like to know them better, you can give out your calling card or contact info so that you can still keep in touch after traveling. Do not let the news or your friends cloud your own judgment. You might end up missing out on wonderful opportunities if you do.

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