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Here’s How To Find The ‘Right One’

At one point in a relationship, you will wonder if the person sitting beside you is the right one for you. You are not alone in that predicament. People have numerous adventures, and along their life journey, they find partners. We find people for a reason. The question is, how can you tell if that person is there to teach you a lesson or to stay for the rest of your life? You cannot jump into conclusion that this or that person is the right one for you. Millions have divorced, annulled, and separated because they thought that they were fit together only to realize too late that they were mistaken. So, how can you tell for sure that they are the one?



Dating needs effort. When you meet and try to get to know each other, pause the dates and reassess your take on relationships and love. You have experienced and heard things; make it count.

You know things you heard and are smart enough to determine which myths are true about relationships and which ones are false. The most important thing here is your judgment and how you take things. Do so without bias.

Although being single is a good thing due to the freedom and all that comes along with it, it can also be frustrating. One factor that might hinder you from finding the right one may be fear. You might have known people who had no solid image of a relationship or a history of rushed or instant relationships. Or just maybe some guy just broke your heart and trust. And so, you end up turning on the wrong type of people, leaning on the wrong shoulders. Now, this could be really frustrating because as far as you’re concerned, nothing is wrong with you. You think you are okay, but you end up making bad choices over and over again. And when you finally find the one, confidence is nowhere to be found.

But hey, you’re still reading which means that there is hope for you.

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First love is good, although a there is a high percentage that you and your first love may not end up together. You can’t always expect all the love in the world to come at first sight. Open your mind to love that improves with time. Love that sinks into you gradually could last longer than the effects from your crushes.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”] “True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together.” — Ricardo Montalban [/su_quote]


A physical union between two people is not doomed. It just means that as people age, all of us have fewer gender hormones. Do not forget that emotions result to passion and true love comes out clear when passion becomes stronger.

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Know What you Want

Forget everything, even the perception of others about you because this is about you. Ask yourself if the relationship feels right to you.

Distinguish between what you want and what you need from a partner. Wants are subject to change or adjustment while needs are not. Most wants include the physical attributes. Try to see the difference between an intelligent person and a curious one. You may have an initial thought that you want an intelligent partner but end up realizing over the years that you were actually looking for a curious one that gets smarter over time. 


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A healthy relationship is when people have mutual respect. This is one factor that comes with love, because sometimes love is not just enough. Neglecting respect could be the reason why the relationship will fail. The respect has to be maintained because losing it means also losing yourself and creating a monster version of you.


You love and respect your partner, but all that is useless when there is no trust. Have it and take good care of it. Simply put, when you trust each other, you know what to believe and what not to, when to jump and when not to.


A lasting relationship needs support. While the two of you could have similarities in beliefs, you are still different. With these differences, conflicts and disagreements arise. To survive, both of you should learn to agree to disagree. Tolerance does not mean that you have to agree. Rather, it means dealing with the differences and trusting the other’s judgment. Sometimes, romantic victory is not really about finding the right person but creating one.


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