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Things To Consider Before Saying “I Do”

Finding the right person that compliments and loves us is a blissful thing to enjoy. We are all suckers for romance and intimate relationships. We put a huge value on engagement and weddings and it is undeniable that loving someone and being loved makes our lives worthwhile.

Elizabeth Taylor owns the world’s most expensive engagement ring that costs $8.8 million

We see couples cute pictures together and thus, the hashtag ‘couple goals’ was brought into the world. Partners spend so much money on their weddings to capture that perfect moment. But what happens behind the lens is the most important thing. So before saying “I do” or “Will you marry me?” here are some things that we have to consider first.

The companionship

The quality of companionship we have with our partners is a defining factor on whether to stick it or just skip it. Over the course of the marriage, love and looks can fade, and it’s during that time that we can see whether we truly enjoy the person as he/she is. Married couples who celebrate their 30th anniversary had surely experienced moments where the love is not there anymore. But why do they stay together? Because despite the depletion of love, they enjoy each other’s company. A lot of married couples become best friends, not just husband and wife, as they progress on their journey.


50% of marriages in the U.S. end up in divorce

Respect does not end with the partner, but it goes beyond that. Learning how our partners treat their parents and siblings, even neighbors, will say so much about them. It’s only natural that a person show’s the best foot forward during the courtship stage. And they try to keep up with it since there’s something on the line. But what about those strangers that probably mean nothing? Is that person also kind and respectful, too? If not, better think twice, because what will happen if the love is gone. The charade of respect might also fly outside the window.

A good relationship with the in-laws

No matter how much we defend ourselves of being mature enough to separate from our parents, we can never fully get away from them. That is why it’s important to have a good relationship with the in-laws since they’ll become a big factor and influence to our partners. A movie like the Monster-In-Law is a classic example of a very disastrous in-law-relationship.

Before saying those words, always remember that we are also marrying our partner’s family.

The marriage will not hold us back

There are different types of relationship, and one of it is the type that suffocates. There are still a lot of men who will expect their female counterpart to stay at home and raise kids. Now, this is a scenario that seems okay at first, but will eventually cause partners to bicker. If getting into marriage means having to cut personal growth, then, it’s something to give a lot of consideration. There are many couples who regretted tying the knot before reaching their personal dreams.

This is one of the reasons why they encourage couples to get married at the age of 27 and up. This way, both of them have already accomplished some of their dreams, and they can both focus on their family instead of a career.

Marriage will be because of love

Couples now have many reasons to get married. For some, they get married because of unplanned pregnancy, while some marry for financial advances. But what if these reasons are not enough to keep a marriage last forever? It can only lead to emotional damage and financial, as well. Though marrying because of love can also bring pain, but it still gives an assurance to a couple that they both did the right thing.

Couples should be able to keep each other laugh and feel loved

Regrets are the worst enemy when it comes to marriage. That is why everyone should think first before even moving to a much bigger step.

Sometimes love is also not enough to keep a couple happy. Life is real and it has real problems that need real solutions. The more we realize that a wedding is not the happy ending, rather, just a new milestone, the sooner we can be more realistic with our relationships.

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