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How Do Successful Couples Overcome Their Differences?

As much as we want to make our relationship happy, peaceful, and in-harmony, fights are bound to happen one way or another. Unfortunately, misunderstandings and arguments do happen especially if you and your partner aren’t on the same page.

However, we noticed how some couples still stay together throughout the years while others end up in a devastating breakup. How do these happy and successful couples overcome their fights? Relationship experts reveal these secret ground rules to follow the next time you’ll have a relationship fight.

They Recreate a Positive Environment

For individuals looking to get engaged, they need to have great communication skills

When happy couples fight, they feel this emotional burden isn’t overwhelming at all thanks to their positive environment. They tend to calm themselves down before they discuss their fights again. But this time, they’re able to communicate effectively and in a positive fashion.

This enables them to tackle the fights in a logical and unbiased way without their emotions get the better of them. This positive exchange helps lift up their moods, making their argument not too overwhelming. When they finally reached an agreement, compromise, or a solution to their fight, they laugh, hug, or kiss each other to rekindle these feelings.

These positive gestures reassure each partner they are still loved despite the fights they had. The arguments they had didn’t change their relationship or love at all. According to relationship experts, happy couples are able to cope up their fights more.

Avoid Destructive Behaviors.

Most couples tend to avoid their partners whenever they have fights. These couples will either give each other a cold shoulder, stonewalling and withholding secrets. These positive gestures reassure each partner they are still loved despite the fights they had.

According to them, these destructive behaviors are detrimental to your relationship. It’s important to tackle these arguments or fights in a calm manner.

Do not take your partner for granted just because you two have a fight. Most of all, it’s recommended to settle your fight before you go to sleep and call it a day. Otherwise, you’ll end up harboring ill-feelings against each other, causing you to start and end your day in a bad way.

This cycle of negative engagements can eventually diminish your feelings for each other and ultimately destroy your relationship.

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According to relationship experts, a consistent pattern of contempt, criticism, destructive behaviors, defensiveness, and withdrawal can result in the destruction of a relationship.

They Don’t Over blame Themselves

whether you fail to communicate or commit a mistake that leads to a fight or argument, happy couples don’t over blame their partners after a recent fight. According to relationship experts, happy couples think of the phrase “it takes two to tango.”

So if one partner commits a mistake or instigates an argument, the other partner is calm enough to identify their problem together and determine what has gone wrong this time. According to these happy couples, it’s possible that one partner may have overlooked or taken something for granted (e.g. too busy with work and other commitments.), that made the other partner feel insecure (not enough time together).

Both partners have a part in the fight, and they take the blame equally and work together to resolve the issue. They don’t accumulate these mistakes only to shove it down their partner’s throat and blame them for their flaws in their relationship. According to the experts, the highest blame percentage couples assign to their partner is 50%. Whatever happens, they’re in this together and will solve their problems as a team.

Don’t Rely On Your Partner To Find Your Happiness

Most happy couples don’t rely on their partners to make them happy. They believe it’s their responsibility all alone to make themselves happy. They realize their partners are only there to support them in achieving their dreams, goals, and ambitions which can lead to their happiness.

Aside from that, relationship experts reveal how relying too much on your partner to give you happiness will only lead to disappointments since no one can make you happy but you yourself.

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