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Study Reveals Using Pet Names in Relationships Helps Build Stronger Bond

The results of a recently conducted study revealed that calling each other pet names in a relationship actually helps to improve romance. In essence, just by merely calling your partner “babe” or any other pet name you consider cute, you can actually make your relationship stronger.

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Calling your partner pet names can help improve the romance in your relationship

A survey conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor on over a thousand adults found that about 87% of Americans when in relationships make use of pet names. That can be compared with Europeans using nicknames in relationships and that came in at 74%.  Although a lot of people feel hesitant about the urge to use pet names in relationships, it isn’t as bad as most people think and it is actually quite common.

Happier Partners In Relationships

The study also found that there is a 16% likelihood that people who make use of pet names would be happy in relationships than people who don’t.

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People who call their partners’ pet names are happier in their relationships

However, the study’s findings didn’t end at that, it also discovered that certain pet names that people decided to use had significant roles to play in whether the relationship actually improved or not. For instance, the study discovered that 90% Americans that use flattering although basic nicknames such as beautiful, gorgeous or honey were more content in the relationships. Just 56% of the couples that didn’t use any of the nicknames gave a similar answer.

Flattering Nicknames

The nickname found that the most flattering nickname varied from one location to the other. For instance in Germany, a lot of people like being referred to as Schatz which is the German version of “sweetheart” and “cutie” came in next. “Hun” came in third. The most preferred flattering term in America is “pretty” and after that we have “beautiful” and then “gorgeous”.

The good also has its bad sides and so the survey considered the nicknames that people disliked the most while they are in relationships. It found that “papi” was the most disliked nickname. The research revealed that 73% of those who were interviewed despised the nickname, papi. Also, daddy was the second nickname that was most despised as 72% responded that they disliked the name.

Also, 66 percent said they hated nicknames like “sweet cheeks” which they consider to be excessively cutesy and also muffin which 61 percent responded that they didn’t like.

In addition, if you wonder who was more likely to use the nicknames, it will interest you to note that men were 85% more likely to make use of the pet names while the female counterparts recorded 76% usage. You shouldn’t feel creeped out if being referred to as “honey” by your partner makes you think of your mom. Studies reveal that it is actually a part of what makes the pet nicknames appealing.

Experts’ Opinion

Several experts are in agreement that having baby talks in romantic relationships between adult couples have some sort of bonding effect. Viewing it from a basic level, referring to your partner can help in making the mutual attachment stronger. This has something to do with the kind of relationships a lot of people have with their moms.

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Baby talks in a romantic relationship helps bonding in the relationship

According to Falk, this kind of baby talk can be used and is actually being used extensively and it cuts across different cultures among moms all over the world. The baby talk is in existence to help the infants’ language acquisition. It also serves as a means of expressing love and also facilitating the bonds that exist between a mom and her infant. She mentioned that studies have revealed that infants actually love baby talk particularly when it comes from the mothers. As it relates to bonding as adults, Falk is of the opinion that similar set of principles are applicable.

According to a neuroanthropology professor at Florida State University, Dean Falk, couples referring to themselves in baby talks takes them back to the experiences they had when they were younger, particularly to the moms who happen to always be the kids’ first love.

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