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Surprise Surprise! Sansa Stark Finally Gets Her Red Wedding in Real Life — Las Vegas Style

Millions of Game of Thrones and Jonas Brothers’ fans anticipate the upcoming wedding between Sophie Turner and her fiance, Joe Jonas. For the past few months, the media has been closely following the sensational couple in hopes of getting more juicy details about their nuptials, especially the date and venue for the big event.

However, extracting these details has been nothing less than challenging as the couple keeps mum about the affair. So far, we only know that Sophie tapped her best friend Massie Williams to be her maid of honor.

But that didn’t happen since Turner and Jonas shocked the world with the news of a surprise wedding that made headlines recently. And you won’t believe where the two decided to tie the knot!

The Unexpected Wedding

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas shocked the world when they exchanged vows a few days ago in a surprise wedding that no one saw coming. The couple attended the Billboard Music Awards on May 1 where the Jonas Brothers received recognition for their newest album, Sucker, after a long hiatus.

The couple was supposed to marry sometime in Summer according to their past interviews

It turned out that night wasn’t just memorable for the brothers, but also special for the last bachelor of the family, Joe Jonas, who finally got hitched. The renowned actress Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas had a quick wedding at a chapel in Las Vegas where an Elvis Presley impersonator presided their union.

The Exchange of Vows

Some of the famous stars close to the couple shared sweet photos and videos of the intimate wedding on their social media accounts.  Diplo shared a video clip of the ceremony on his Instagram Story, which gave the surprise away to the fans. Based on the video, we could see Jonas and Turner exchanging ring pops and exchanging vows.

Joe wore an elegant gray suit while Sophie wore a  traditional veil and white dress for their wedding.

Joe wore an elegant gray suit while Sophie opted for a traditional veil and white jumpsuit for their wedding

The couple’s families were also present to witness their exchanging of vows. Meanwhile, Alyssa Bailey shared on her Instagram how their simple yet elegant wedding in Las Vegas touched her hearts.

The Confirmation

According to Entertainment Tonight, the wedding’s legitimacy was confirmed as the couple had used their marriage license they obtained earlier on the same day. The wedding also quelled rumors that they’re supposed to get married in France this Summer, although there are still some who believe that the newlyweds will have a bigger more lavish ceremony later to include their extended families and friends.

Some fans speculate Turner and Jonas will still tie the knot in the "love" country sometime this Summer for their second wedding.

Some fans speculate Turner and Jonas will still tie the knot in the “love” country sometime this Summer for their second wedding.

Before they got married, the Jonas Brothers performed at the prestigious Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas with all their significant others present to give them support.

The fans noticed though how Joe and Sophie didn’t walk the red carpet together. Turner ended up walking with her X-Men co-star, leading to speculations about her relationship.

But we don’t have to tire ourselves with the breakup rumors because the two are now married!

The Sweet Gestures

While they didn’t make a grand entrance at the last week’s music awards, the couple still ended up being cozy throughout the event. Joe shared on Instagram that his fiancee would be seating next to him. He also shared a  video clip of him talking to Sophie’s place card on her seat.

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