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Resolved Conflicts – AKA Normal Martial Hatred – Make Your Relationship Stronger Than Ever Before

Relationships are not built overnight—there is no doubt about that. It takes years (and sometimes a lifetime) of mutual understanding to make the relationship work out in the long run. You already know if you have been in a relationship before. However, there is one thing that a vast majority of couples do not really understand: Normal Martial Hatred.

Essentially, this term refers to a phenomenon where couples – both married and unmarried – hate each other sometimes. Don’t get it wrong! It is not a serious hatred—these couples do not hate each other with their hearts. Rather, some trivial circumstances can come up that generate a slight conflict between these couples.

Andrea / Pexels / It is completely okay for couples to hate each other due to some circumstances.

Let’s understand it with a common example. You and your significant other have been in a relationship for over two years now. At this point, you completely understand each other. You know each other’s preferences, likes, and dislikes. Likewise, you also reckon what makes your partner upset and unhappy. Based on that, you keep a mutual understanding to care for each other.

But out of the blue moon, some naive circumstances come up. As a result, you do not see any solution to that problem. Apparently, this turns into an unbecoming skirmish between you two. So, you find yourself in a position where both of you are intensely arguing. In the heat of the moment, you do not even feel that you have crossed the limits. Perhaps you have uttered something unpleasant that has caused absolute agony for your significant other. Or, in a worst-case scenario, you have crossed all the limits.

Gustavo / Pexels / Relationship advisors suggest that couples’ conflicts strengthen their relationship.

As the situation heats up, there could be two possible outcomes: One, you will sit back, relax, and understand the heat of the moment. You will tell yourself to calm down and not intensify the matter anymore. Secondly – in a worst-case scenario – you will part ways with your significant other. Of course, this is a worst-case scenario and should not happen at any cost.

So, if the first is true for you – where you resolve the conflict with mutual understanding – it will have massive benefits for your relationship. Here is what relationship advisors suggest will happen if conflicts are resolved with mutual understanding:

Carter Lens / Pexels / Conflicts that are resolved through mutual understanding make your relationship stronger than ever before.

  • Your relationship will grow stronger than before.
  • You and your partner will end up developing a healthy relationship.
  • Both of you will know who you truly are as a couple.
  • You will understand where your relationship stands.

This is what normal martial hatred is all about. Apparently, it is not for you and your relationship. Instead, it is essential to make your relationship stronger than ever before.

So, is it okay to hate your significant other due to some unpleasant circumstances? Of course, it is. In fact, it is necessary.

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