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Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time Alone

We are all social beings and we cannot possibly survive this world alone. We need family, friends, and romantic partners to make this life worth living. There are many psychology theories that support the people’s social entity and that is why there’s a classification between introverts and extroverts.


This personality type is based on a person’s source of energy. An extrovert is someone who takes energy from the external force. These people are usually outgoing, the life of the party, and someone who should have a friend at all times. Introverts, on the other hand, are the exact opposites. They find happiness in being alone, and being with other people drains them.

Introverts are usually misunderstood as snobs and arrogant, but in all honesty, they are just those who would rather be alone than being in a social scene. In fact, there is nothing wrong with being a little introvert. Wanting a personal and private moment is actually a healthy way of treating our bodies and emotions. An alone time or what the pop culture now call a “me time” is one of the most beneficial rituals. Here is why.

Productivity level

Being alone gives us more time to do the things we like and finish, the task that needs to be done. Let’s all admit it it’s very hard to focus on a task when we are surrounded by many friends. We always get distracted by the unnecessary noise that we cannot decipher what’s important anymore.

There is nothing bad with having friends come over, but maybe on an occasional basis. Going out alone can also be easier. We don’t have to constantly decide where to eat or what movie to watch that will satisfy the group evenly. The decision process takes up too much time that we are already missing out on the fun stuff.


Freedom is that word in the English dictionary that can mean both destructive and sweet. Having freedom means we can do all the things we want without constantly having to reason for it.

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Learn to go to the movie, eat dinner, and grab coffee alone

Remember that feeling of moving out from the parents to live alone? Remember how fun it feels to eat all the kinds of food and walk around the house with no shirt on? Yes, that sweet feeling is the reason why being alone can be mentally healthy.

Peace of Mind

We can have a more peaceful mind because we are free to do what we want and be more productive when we are alone. There’s no one to disrupt that perfect mood and we can soak into the glory of our happiness without interruption. It’s nice to feel good about our own decision, without someone who constantly tells us that we’re wrong or we’re not enough. When we are alone, we can have that intimate time with our thoughts, which lead us to clarity.


When we are surrounded by people, chances are we get persuaded by their own ideas. We usually end up conforming people, even if we don’t want to for the fear of being labeled as a deviant. In Psychology, there is a term called Groupthink. It can be beneficial in a way that it eliminates chaos, but it can also be bad since it promotes blind participation. This groupthink can be totally avoided if we just spend a little time to reflect on our thoughts.


Our peers and social relationship can greatly affect the image we have for ourselves. We use them as a measuring tool to evaluate who we are as a person. And since we become dependent by these evaluations, our personality will not be consistent throughout.

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Groupthink is a Psychological phenomenon where people in groups aim for harmony, that leads to irrational decision process

This is one of the major reasons why we should spend more alone time. We can get in touch with who we really are without a person’s label on us. Finding ourselves can be tricky, but it gets less bias if we don’t allow their words define us. No matter how sociable we can be, we are still human and we need to be in control of our own lives.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be alone. We can learn many things from it, and gain our true identity. There are many psychological benefits from a ‘me time’. Just remember, we can be alone without being lonely.

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