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Priyanka Chopra Says She’s Not Wife-Material Because She Can’t Do THIS Household Chore

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood right now, but there are a lot of things about their love story that fans aren’t aware of.

The two recently tied the knot in a lavish and elaborate wedding ceremony but before Priyanka said yes to Nick, she warned him about her one major flaw that could potentially turn their blissful marriage into a nightmare.

Priyanka lacks an essential skill that most wives possessed, so she made sure to clear it out with her then-future husband before accepting his marriage proposal.

With a woman as gorgeous as Priyanka, you’d probably think that she’s equipped with every skill imaginable, but come to find out that Priyanka falls short when it comes to this household chore!

The Admission

In an exclusive interview, Priyanka revealed she once hesitated accepting Nick’s marriage proposal. The reason? It’s because she can’t cook for the life of her!

The renowned actress said that Nick comes from an excellent southern background which means he’s used to eating his mom’s delicious and hearty soul foods.

However, Nick knows that Priyanka’s cooking is no match to his mum’s which means that the couple will probably have to settle for takeouts after their marriage.

Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock
Priyanka Chopra admits she cant cook anything besides eggs

Thankfully Priyanka made it clear to Nick that he just isn’t getting a domestic housewife out of her — sorry, not sorry! Fortunately, Nick accepted her flaw, and she accepted his proposal.

That’s also the reason why Priyanka said that they hired a cook to handle all the work in the kitchen while she focuses on her professional life. Priyanka added candidly how Nick also couldn’t cook for himself, so they’re a match made in heaven.

The Make Up

Priyanka said she was impressed with her husband’s honesty when she confessed her inability to cook. According to the actress, she never expected Nick to admit he’s not a good cook, either.

She reiterates how most guys would just let things slide and say “okay” then leave it at that. But Nick actually meant it when he said that it was completely alright that she couldn’t cook.

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Despite their lack of ability to navigate the kitchen, Priyanka says his husband make it up by gifting her expensive presents.

Not only Nick did accept her for better or for worse, but he also returned the favor by confessing one of his own weaknesses. Despite their flaws, Priyanka reveals they still love each other and are happy in their marriage life.

She still thinks Nick is the best husband she could have asked for, especially after he gave her a new Mercedes-Maybach to celebrate the Jonas Brothers’ recent milestone. The musical siblings’ latest single, Sucker, topped the Billboard chart within the first week of release!

The Decision

The Jonas Brothers recently made a comeback after years of hiatus and debuted their latest single which featured all three of their significant others.

According to Priyanka, the decision to include their leading ladies in the music video was a sporadic one. Well, we’re glad that they made that decision!

Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
The six of them went to London to shoot the whimsical music video.

The six of them went on a triple-date just before the filming of the music video and while discussing the details about the project, the group suddenly had a genius idea to feature their own girlfriends in the video rather than hiring someone else. 

Priyanka said they had a great time shooting the video with the whole family, which allowed them to bond on another level and become even closer to one another.

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