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Sentimental Reason Behind Prince Harry And Meghan Quick Royal Engagement

From the Queen’s wedding back in the day to Prince William’s wedding with Kate, people never seem to get enough of royal unions. The palace has now revealed the real reason why the couple Prince Harry and Meghan are rushing their royal wedding.

The news about the royal engagement surprised a lot of people when they first heard the news. Some just can’t contain their excitement about it, with all the fancy dresses, luxurious reception and festive feeling that it brings. The couple met through a mutual friend, the friend set them up for a blind date. Meghan didn’t know much about the prince, so, she asked her friend if he was nice. She felt it wouldn’t make sense if he wasn’t!

They decided to meet the day after for a second date. Few weeks passed and he decided to convince her to come and join him in Botswana.

Since the initial announcement of the Prince’s engagement to American actress Meghan Markle, endless speculation has circulated about it. Among the other inquiries to the royal union were the possible guests that would be invited to the wedding and the wedding dress that the Meghan will wear.

Among the plans that are confirmed, is the location of the wedding along with the other small details regarding the wedding. The wedding date will be on the 19th of May 2018, Saturday at the St. George Chapel at Windsor Castle. The wedding is unusual as most royal weddings happen on a weekday.

A venue is a significant place for the royal family since it was one of Queen Elizabeth II’s main residences.

The Royal Couple's Wedding Venue Is Also at 15th Century Chapel.

The Royal Couple’s Wedding Venue Is Also at 15th Century Chapel.

They will marry at the 15th Century Chapel that is more intimate than Westminster Abbey where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married back in 2011. The palace said that the wedding will reflect the characters and personalities of the couple when the engagement was announced. The couple had some of their photos taken and shared it with the public.

Meghan’s engagement ring was designed by the prince that includes some special sentiments. The two visited Botswana in August, thus the center stone. The other two that flank the jewel came from Princess Diana’s collection. According to Town & Country magazine, the ring was made by court jewelers Cleave and Company.

The Stunning Three Layered Engagement Ring of Meghan Markle Custom Made by the Prince Himself

The Stunning Three Layered Engagement Ring of Meghan Markle Custom Made by the Prince Himself

As said by a Kensington Palace spokesperson, before the wedding happens, Meghan will be baptized and confirmed in the Church of England and will undergo the process of being a British citizen. It is expected that the wedding will attend Queen Elizabeth II along with the other royals and Meghan’s parents, Thomas and Doria.

Still, with all the details, why are they rushing the wedding?

The wedding is a whirlwind when based on royal standards. People have come up with a lot of speculations and conspiracy theories. Everyone wants to know the truth. A lot have speculated on the fact that Meghan is pregnant, that theory is already expected to come out first.

However, one touching story stood out among the others. They say that the rushed wedding was due to Prince Harry’s 96-year old grandfather, Prince Phillip. His grandfather is not as healthy as before and has already stepped down from some of his duties which he passed on to Prince Harry. The prince reportedly said that he wanted his grandfather to see him walk down the aisle. He was extremely close to his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh and thought that having him while he can still be in would be great. This information would hopefully silence the gossip circulating out there.

Everybody is excited about the royal wedding and touched about the prince’s move in choosing to move the date up.

Prince Harry and Meghan Surprises the Public With their Sudden Royal Engagement

The World Anticipates the Next Royal Wedding of the Century

As reported by Associated Press, the scheduled wedding is similarly dated with one of the biggest English sports events of the year, FA Cup final. Prince William is the president of the Football Association. There is, however, a sad memory about the date concerning a former queen of England, Anne Boleyn. The said former queen has been executed on the same date in 1536 ordered by her husband.

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