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Playing Your Part Towards a Greener and More Sustainable Tomorrow

How often do you think about the time it takes your food to travel from the fields to your plate? The world is complex, and so is its food system. It is quite literally a logistical and technical marvel – and essentially extremely destructive. The current market rests on decades of unsustainable agricultural practices, low labor costs, and fossil fuels. Sure, you’re getting your food at cheaper costs now. But, have you thought to think about the environmental costs of such practices?

Logmore | Logistically speaking, transporting produce in bulk is a nightmare

If you’re looking for sustainable and healthier agricultural practices to support, local farms are the answer. The more you buy fresh produce, the more the markets are influenced. Over the last couple of years, farm-to-table restaurants, community-supported agriculture, and local farmer’s markets contributed largely to this cause.

Increasing Awareness of Local Farms

There are so many checks and balances throughout the way. By the time produce reaches its final destination, it is ping-ponged throughout an entire country. For every cause, education and awareness are highly necessary – and it seems like people are finally getting the necessary information. The coronavirus pandemic and recent food recalling incidents have led people to divert their attention to more reliable and sustainable sources, thereby adding to local farms’ popularity.

Pexels | Albeit a bit pricier, local markets are always the better investment

Prioritize Buying Locally

All consumers need to make buying locally their topmost priority. This way, not only are you contributing to the betterment of the environment, but you are also keeping the cash flow within your economy. It’s simple economics – if your economy experiences an increased cash flow rate, it improves substantially. Most retail customers also consider purchasing organic foods as an investment towards a healthier planet.

Quality Over Label

When it comes to fresh produce, labels carry no significance. There’s no way a company can make your fruits and vegetables taste better. Additionally, you don’t need to pump in your dollars into an already booming company. Local farmers also grow their stock in more sustainable, undestructive, healthy, and beneficial ways, while corporations just chase their gains without thinking about environmental repercussions.

Pexels | Community trends tend to influence markets significantly

To Sum It Up

Encouraging a healthy, green economy is your job, as much as our job. If you’re looking to play your part in this struggle to a better, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow, there are a few things you can do. First, try to shop at your nearest farmer’s market. If there isn’t one near you, be sure to ask your nearest grocer to carry local foods (if they don’t already). Also, support farm-to-table businesses and other green businesses in your area.

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