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Being a Pet Lover Could Be the Key to Finding Your Significant Other

Are you a dog or cat lover? Research shows most pet lovers tend to be alone since they feel contented by just having their beloved pet as their extended family. But what if you’ll find your forever because of your love for pets? According to a recent survey, most dog and cat lovers found their happiness, blissful love life, and significant other due to their love for pets! Who knows, you might end up finding the right one for you too!

Love For Beagle

According to a recent survey conducted by the Kennel Club, they found that 80% of beagle owners are either in a relationship or happy marriage. Most men who are also a beagle owner are seen as friendly, fun, and loyal, which creates a positive and good impression on women.

Meanwhile, those who own Jack Russell terriers land on the bottom spot of the romance league. The study finds most people see Jack Russell terrier owners as hard to handle but friendly and strong-willed people. According to the result, 64% of these owners are less likely to be in a relationship or marriage, while only 22% are less likely to be asked out on a date while walking their 

The study also found that beagle owners are most likely to ask or be asked out on a date during their morning walk with their dogs.

The chihuahua owners also fared low when it comes to the romance department. According to the study, most people see these owners as kooky, fun, and hard to handle. Only a third of them are likely to be asked out on a date. The Labrador owners were often described as kooky and outgoing and fared well in the recent poll. Around 80% of the owners were happily married while 40% were asked out on a date during their morning walk. Overall, the study concluded that 75% of dog owners found their significant others and were in a blissful relationship or marriage.

Pet Owners’ Inspiring Love Stories

Whether or not you agree with the results of the study conducted above, one thing is for sure. Most pet lovers found their true love through their love for their pets. This time let us hear the inspiring love stories of these pet owner couples on how they found each other through their beloved little furballs.

It Started with a Dog Portrait

Dawn didn’t expect her hobby of painting pet portraits would be the key to finding her true love.

Dawn Maslar met her partner Ed Biggie from Davie, Florida because of Ed’s dog. One day, Ed was walking with his dog while chatting with Dawn’s friend’s husband when the latter joined in their conversation. Dawn was painting her pet portraits when she gave Ed her card. It turned out he wasn’t only interested in her painting or her love for dogs, but in her too! Ever since then, they had kept in touch with each other and started dating for a while before they moved in together. Now, the couple is happily married for nine years and counting.

Love At the Coffee Shop

Meanwhile, the pet lovers Rick and Abbie Rockwell, who live in Mill Valley, California, celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary last December 2017. The two already have two gorgeous young daughters –  thanks to their love for Shih Tzu puppies. Abbie recalled how she was trying out dog ownership one fateful weekend when she stopped at a coffee shop to take a break. She saw a man sitting alone while drinking his tea and admiring the puppies. She felt compelled to approach the man, and they started to chat.

Abbie suggests the dog-lover single ladies to start hanging out at coffee shops or dog cafes to unwind, and who knows, you might find the love of your life.

Abbie revealed how she shared a list of all her fears in having a dog to a total stranger. The man named Rick says it’s best to keep the dogs and advised her it would be the best thing for her to do since it would change her life.

It turned out he was right! Abbie kept the dogs, and they ended up being good friends. They had morning teas together at the coffee shop for eight months straight until Rick found the courage to ask her out on a dinner date. The rest became a beautiful and romantic history!

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