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Why Are More People Rushing into Engagements, and When is the Right Time to Do So?

In the last couple of months, there have been quite a number of engagement announcements by a series of prominent celebrities. This has got relationship experts analyzing such instances, and concluding that these engagements are taking place too soon.

However, the reality on the ground is that such impromptu and sudden engagements have become the norm. In certain circumstances, these engagements could prove to be a success, while in others, the engagements end as soon as the individuals are introduced to one another.

As for the celebrities that have been making headlines with their engagements, you can’t fail to mention the recent announcement of Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin after dating a couple of months!

Plus let’s not forget this summer also brought the surprise of Nick Jonas and actress Priyanka Chopra. Oh, and let’s not forget that of comedian Pete Davidson and pop singer Ariana Grande!

The younger generation seems to be rushing into engagements much earlier than their forefathers

Why Do Some People Get Engaged Earlier Than Others?

According to Toronto-based matchmaker Claire AH, some of these engagements might work out while others might be a recipe for disaster. It all depends on a myriad of factors concerning both partners in the relationship. For others, they might feel like this is one of the ways in which they can validate the relationship, or they might just be receiving a lot of pressure from their partner.

Plus there’s also pressure from family and friends, not to mention the impact of societal pressure on their decision making. Lastly, others might feel like an engagement might be a way to spice things up in their relationship especially if it’s been stale of late.

For others, it might be for publicity. This is especially true for celebrities, whose every move is watched by the millions of fans that they have. For example, a celebrity couple might just get engaged to have one couple’s fans preorder the album of the other before its release.

A lot of external factors have to be considered first before a couple gets engaged

Interestingly, these engagements are usually short-lived and the celebrity couple might break up after a couple of months engaged.

Other couples merely do it from a financial standpoint. One partner might be looking to hitch a ride in this game called life by looking for a financially stable partner. Once he or she finds one, they hasten the stages of the relationship and before you know it, they manage to convince their ‘significant other’ to enter the sanctum of marriage.

These relationships usually don’t last long because of infidelity from one partner.

When Is the Ideal Time to Get Engaged?

In the real sense, there’s no timeline that suggests the most ideal point in time for individuals to get engaged. However, there are some factors that the couple should consider prior to making the commitment.

For starters, engagements do not have to be long or short. What is necessary is that both parties understand what their needs are in the long-run.

For individuals looking to get engaged, they need to have great communication skills

According to Claire, the couple has to have a discussion regarding the values, as well as other external features that are tied to the relationship such as money, spirituality, the potential of children, and the effect it will have on the family.

After each of these factors has been evaluated and the couple can still fathom the possibility of spending the rest of their lives with each other, then it shows that they have worked out a formula to communicate effectively.

Hence, they can proceed with the engagement and stay motivated with one another in the process.

Signs That Show You Are Rushing with the Engagement

Are you feeling uneasy about popping the question, or saying yes? Then it’s probably too soon and you might be rushing into things.

For example, you might be feeling like the current relationship you’re in is trapping you and your life might change drastically once you enter the sanctum of marriage.

Besides, you’ve got to realize that engagements are not the solution to an already damaged marriage.

For some people, they have a tendency to rush into situations without analyzing the consequences in a rational way. So before making the decision, take time to consider other variables such as friends, family, opinions, financial status, and age.

Additionally, it’s okay to acknowledge that not all engagements usually translate to a successful marriage. One should not beat themselves up about such occurrences.

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