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Not Sure if a Person Likes You? Here Are Subtle Signs That Point to ‘Yes’

Deciphering if a person is into you or not is never a walk in the park. Several dates and hangouts don’t necessarily translate to ‘I love you’ so it can be hard to figure out the real status of the relationship.

If you can’t stop thinking about the coffee hangout you had but have no idea if the feeling is mutual, don’t fret – there are countless romantic hopefuls wishing they knew how their date thinks about them. Here are some signs to know if a person is into you or not:


Does the person ask you so many questions, particularly about your beliefs, interests, and views? Do they constantly get your opinion on varying matters?

If so, then that’s a clear sign they are interested in you. It only means that they want to know you better and see if your views align with theirs. Admit it, you tend to be agog toward someone you like, right?

That said, they will also ask for a second, third, fourth, date if they really are head over heels for you. Chances are, they will also get more creative as the connection progresses.

Eye Contact

Speaking of attentiveness, if a person is truly attracted to you, they will always try to make eye contact. People tend to do this consciously or not if they are interested in someone – that is, if they can’t stop looking at you, there’s a high chance that they like you.

Dragon Images/Shutterstock People who like each other tend to make eye contact frequently

The reason behind this is the chemical oxytocin, which increases the sense of well-being. Moreover, this is also why your pupils dilate, an obvious sign that the person is interested in you.

Introduce to Friends

This is one of the biggest signs that a person is into you. Look at it this way: you won’t introduce a fling to pals, right?

Rido/Shutterstock Introducing you to friends is a clear sign that they are genuinely interested in you

So the same goes for your date – if they introduce you to their friends, things are getting serious.


People who like each other tend to mirror each other’s moves and body language, including their gait. We do this subconsciously, which is why it pays to be observant during dates.

Eugenio Marongiu/Shutterstock A synchronized gait is also a sign that you like each other

It also means that they are thinking of you without actually being aware of it. For instance, a person will adjust their pace while walking to keep up with you and be beside you.

Body Orientation

More than copying your moves, you should also check if the person is leaning toward you. This body orientation indicates that they like you or are so interested in you.

Likewise, if they lean more toward you as the conversation deepens, that’s a good sign. On the other hand, if their body is pointing outward, then they may not be into you, don’t think the relationship is romantic, or simply is just killing time with you – ouch!

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