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How Not to Destroy Your Relationship During Quarantine – Ciara’s Personal Tips

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has brought along a lot of anxiety with it. In addition to impacting individual health, the restriction of staying locked up in the house has negatively affected a lot of relationships. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t struggled – work issues, financial uncertainty, fear about the health of loved ones – there’s been so much to deal with. Amid such a stressful situation, is it possible to keep your relationship away from turmoil?

According to American singer, model, and dancer, Ciara Wilson, the key to surviving such a stressful period lies in following a few simple tips.


Unsplash | American singer Ciara Wilson shares relationship advice to survive such a stressful period

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Plan a date night

Social distancing might have ruined your go-to night date plans over the past year. You might have been restricted from hiring a babysitter, or watching a movie in a theatre, or having dinner at a restaurant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t carve out time to connect with each other at home itself!

How about meeting your partner in your backyard or balcony, being dressed in your finest, sharing a drink, and enjoying a slow dance? When accompanied by some light and optimistic conversation, you can surely keep away from the stress of what’s happening in the outside world.

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Unsplash | Plan a date night with your partner in your backyard or balcony

Prioritize your “me” time

Strict orders to stay at home have led to a lot of “forced” togetherness, and that can be better or worse depending upon your perspective. The time people used to spend alone on their commute or maybe at the gym was quite significant for their mental health as well as for their relationships.

Everyone needs some space, after all. But the quarantine made getting such “me” time a true challenge. Thus, try as much as you can to give your partner the space they need. Allow them to read a book uninterrupted, play a video game or have a zoom call. When you take the first step, they’ll follow your lead too.

Practice self-care together

We all take care of ourselves in our own ways. But every once in a while, try practicing some nourishing activities with your partner. You may meditate together in the morning or go for a brisk walk after lunch. A casual evening tea together can also work wonders. Doing such things together will help you build a good connection and keep both of you engaged in healthy ways.


Unsplash | Every once a while, try practicing some nourishing activities with your partner like walks or evening coffees

Summing it up

When it became clear that the quarantine was here to stay, you might have wondered how you’d manage this sudden burst of “quality” time with your partner. And we won’t underplay it, the pandemic has indeed disrupted several marriages and relationships.

But as couple therapists say, even in such unsettling and anxiety-inducing times, it’s possible to maintain a healthy relationship. And we hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you with the same.

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