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Nick Jonas’ New Song Is a Love Letter to Priyanka Chopra, And Fans are Going Wild Over the Lyrics

We’re all used to seeing Nick Jonas spoil his wife, Priyanka Chopra, with thoughtful surprises and lavish presents. Just a couple of months ago, Nick gave his wife a brand new Maybach to commemorate the Jonas Brothers’ successful comeback single after a six-year hiatus.

Not only that, but their new song “Sucker” also dominated the Billboards top chart, earning the band several awards. A month later on their anniversary, Nick surprised Priyanka with VIP seats at Mariah Carey’s concert in London.

Although he wasn’t there to celebrate the milestone with her, he did make sure that she got the chance to meet the renowned singer backstage and even take photos with her.

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Nick Jonas makes sure to pamper Priyanka and make her happy on their first anniversary despite their hectic schedules.

But it wasn’t just Mimi who was swooning over Nick’s romantic gestures, the rest of us were also left feeling a little envious of their perfect relationship.

If you’re feeling bad for not being in Priyanka’s place, you’re about to feel worse because the singer is not done with romantic surprises for his lady love. 

Just recently, he wrote a heart-warming “love letter” for his wife to commemorate their one year together as a couple, and like of his other gestures, this one was nothing but perfect!

The Comeback Album

Following their phenomenal success earlier this year, the Jonas Brothers surprised their fans with the news that they’re set to release their brand new comeback album entitled “Happiness Begins,”, which will be their first album in ten years!

But what makes this project so special is Nick’s heartfelt message to his wife, hidden in the lyrics of one of the songs on the album. While listening to the beautiful soundtracks, fans couldn’t help but notice something special in track number four, which was written and composed by Nick Jonas!

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
Nick Jonas reveals he just wrote and dedicate one song to Priyanka Chopra to express his love and adoration to her.

Nick reveals that the song in question, called “I Believe“, was a love letter he wrote for his wife. When his brothers heard it for the first time, the lyrics moved them and they instantly knew that the track would be a hit with their fans. The song is even better if you listen to it while on the beach or with your loved one.

The Warm Feedback

After knowing the meaning behind the song, fans bombarded Nick Jonas’ twitter account to commend him for his sweet gesture. One fan tweeted how her heart melted when she heard the song, and wished that she was as lucky in love as Priyanka. Meanwhile, other listeners said that the song made them fall in love with Nick and Priyanka more.

Nick says he knows Priyanka was the one for him the moment he laid eyes on her, so he didn’t hesitate to ask her hand for marriage.

Nick and Priyanka have faced criticism in the past over how quickly their relationship evolved and many even cautioned that they seem to be moving too fast. But despite everything, the two went ahead and tied the knot last year in a lavish two-part ceremony.

The Promise

He already waited years just to find his one true love. Now that he finally found her, Nick says he’s seizing every moment he has with her.

The singer also says there’s no turning back from living life to the fullest with her now. For as long as they live, Nick promises to pamper Priyanka and make her the happiest wife in the world. Oh, how we wish to find our own Nick too!

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