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This NBA Player Crashed Chrissy and John’s Romantic Date and Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing

Being in a relationship for a long time doesn’t mean that things have to get boring between you and your partner. There will be moments when something completely out of the ordinary will happen, giving you a hilarious story time for your kids and even grandkids! 

Not only you’re bound to make hilarious discoveries about your partner, but you also get to experience what it’s like to have your romantic date completely ruined.  

True enough, the renowned couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend just shared a one-of-a-kind epic date by the basketball court where an NBA star hilariously rained on their parade — quite literally.

What made their date unique was when Dwayne Wade crashed their quality time together while they’re watching the game. What drove the renowned athlete to interrupt their romantic date? Let’s read and find out.

The Hilarious Date

Recently, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen changed their routine and decided to spend their date at the Miami Heat‘s game where they witnessed Dwayne Wade playing his last home game as a basketball player.

The couple revealed that the occasion was perfect for spending some quality time together, but none of them expected the a hilarious twist that would make their night one to remember for the rest of their lives!

Legend and Teigen couldn't help but laugh as they shared photos of Dwayne Wade crashing on their seats while grabbing the ball on their Twitter accounts.

The hilarious moment when Dwayne Wade came crashing on their seats while grabbing the ball

As they cheered and clapped for Dwayne Wade, they were treated to a huge shock as the renowned basketball player came crashing into them while chasing the ball.

Kudos to the cameraman who caught this hilarious moment and put it up on Twitter where the photo spread like wildfire. Chrissy nearly poked her nose with the straw as she braced herself against the heavy impact of Wade’s body colliding against them.

The Chattering

Meanwhile, another guy to his left tried to grab Wade’s shirt in an attempt to balance him. John Legend hilariously posted a short video clip showing how he spilled his drink on his face during the accident!

But Twitter couldn’t stop laughing at how calm and collected Dwayne Wade looked as landed right onto Chrissy and John’s laps.

 John Legend didn't miss updating his fans over his and Chrissy's drink.

John Legend didn’t miss updating his fans about his and Chrissy’s drinks

As the hilarious photos continued to circulate on the internet, millions of fans expressed their delight over the pictures and some users even opted to join the fun and come up with hilarious narratives on why Wade could have possibly crashed into the famous Hollywood couple.

The Fun Continues

One Twitter user wrote how Wade must’ve been so hyped to see Chrissy to the point of running into her and spilling her drink in the process.

Chrissy got playful too and entertained these tweets saying it was an honor for her to see Wade in such proximity, even at the expense of spilling her drink all over her face.

Miami Heat's official account also couldn't help but tag Chrissy, asking if she wanted a copy of the photo and they'll gladly send one to her.

Miami Heat’s official Twitter account couldn’t help but tag Chrissy, asking if she wanted a copy of the photo and they’ll gladly send one to her

Chrissy also commented on how the photo resembles the iconic “renaissance painting,” and everyone should thank Wade for becoming a part of such a historic moment.

Knowing the couple’s humorous side, they’ll be sure to mark this epic event as a perfect date night for them. Moreover, Legend and Chrissy revealed that she’ll treasure this moment, and have a good laugh at it for months to come.

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