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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split! Was the Relationship Doomed from the Beginning?

Is love really sweeter the nth time around? Perhaps, if you’ve been watching way too many romantic sitcoms. But the logical answer is: no.

We’ve all been carefully following (and secretly rooting for) Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth romance ever since they were paired opposite each other in the romance-drama film The Last Song almost a decade ago.

Since then, the two have been in an on-off relationship, finally tieing the knot last year in December, but alas, being married doesn’t mean their love would endure anything, even if they have millions of fans rooting for them.

So when they announced their split this week, fans were heartbroken, shocked and in utter loss of faith. If Miley and Liam can’t make it work, does love even exist?


Is this the last time they are breaking up? Are they going to surprise us yet again by getting back together? Note that the celebrity couple has only been married for a few months and just before they made their split official, eagle-eyed fans had already noticed that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring in a photo taken during her trip to Italy.

A rep later confirmed the speculations in a statement and relayed that the stars have parted ways amicably and view this decision as the best move for their careers and their individual growth, and as for their numerous pets, they will remain committed and dedicated co-parents to them.

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Their decision to call it quits surprised many because Miley was just gushing about Liam earlier this summer and spilled details about their love life.

The songstress explained in the August cover story of Elle that the reason she chose to keep the relationship private is that people won’t understand the modern and complex marriage they have. The 26-year-old further said that her man has her back the most.

Liam Hemsworth’s Statement

Since the announcement, a lot of he says, she says have been going around. Amid the rubble, Liam decided to break his silence to inform everyone that despite their breakup, he wishes Miley happiness and good health.


He also hinted that this was going to be the last statement about the very personal matter and explained that he had not released any comments to any news outlet – which is fair enough, you don’t want the public in on your love life.


However, the opposite happened as more and more fans wondered the real reason behind the split and the speculations piled up. Just as the confirmation was announced, Miley took to her Instagram to share photos of her Italy trip, some of which contained very telling captions.

A day after, the media started publishing images of the former Disney child star smooching with Hills: New Beginning star Kaitlynn Carter, who ended her relationship with husband Brody Jenner earlier this August, while in Lake Como.

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While a lot of people concluded that this was why the couple decided to break up, sources claimed that the ladies were just having fun together and Miley only referred to Kaitlynn as her friend.

In fact, the two were with other friends, including the Wrecking Ball hitmaker’s sister Brandi, during the getaway. Plus, other insiders see her behavior as Hannah Montana star’s way of distracting herself from her marital troubles.

On an uglier side, some sources said Miley just got fed up of Liam’s partying and drinking issues, despite the public seeing her as the wild one. Another one denounced this statement and said that the breakup was because she cheated on him. Well, who’s telling the truth?

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