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Michelle Obama’s Unexpected Secret to Having Strong, Long-Lasting Relationship

Managing a relationship, let alone marriage is difficult for an average couple. Both partners have to adjust to a cohabitated life as they work on building their families and settle their arguments and differences. How much more if you’re married to a public servant holding the highest position in the land?

How can you maintain your relationship when you’re always surrounded by the press, hundreds of staff and guards guarding your every action? How can you retain your privacy and catch up with your loved one? This life may have been difficult to navigate, but Michelle Obama reveals she and her husband had conquered this hurdle successfully. The former First Lady reveals the secrets of having a strong and lasting relationship.

On Catching Up

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Michelle admitted their family struggled in adjusting to their new life as the Presidential family when her husband, Barrack Obama, won the elections last 2009. She revealed how she tried to hold everything down while taking care of their two kids while her husband traveled back and forth from Washington.

Michelle reveals she and her husband went into couple therapy to help them adjust to their new, hectic life back then.

Despite their difficulties, Michelle said her husband also tried hard to make up by squeezing little time despite his hectic schedules. For example, they would go over a quick lunch with the family whenever he came back from his appointment. There were times where they wake up early and talk while her husband was doing his morning running routine. But even that was still not enough to help them acclimate to their new life, so they both agreed to have a marriage counseling.

The Counsel

Michelle first assumed their marriage counseling would involve telling all about their lives to a stranger, but she revealed it wasn’t like that at all! She and Barack Obama were surprised when their counselor said they would need to explore their sense of happiness.

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Michelle remembered how they both sat down and had a long talk about fixing their schedules, routine, as well as sorting out the issues they have in their family.

At that time, Michelle thought she really needs her husband’s support (and vice versa) not only for their relationship but also to make their new life work. She revealed how they fixed their routine so that no matter how much Barrack gets busy, they always make sure to allocate a specific time where they can bond with their family.

On Differences and Vulnerabilities

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Michelle admitted she’s vulnerable whenever her husband is away from their family.

Michelle also reveals how their different family upbringing didn’t hinder the couple from raising their own family. She was thankful her husband still believes in establishing a tight-knit connection to their children, supporting them in every step of the way, and never missing their important milestones in life despite his heart-wrenching past. Michelle says they draw inner strength from each other to keep their family united and intact throughout the challenges and trials they face along the way.

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