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Mandy Moore Secretly Got Hitched! But It Was Her Unusual Wedding Venue That REALLY Shocked Us

Mandy Moore shocked the world not only because she finally tied the knot with Taylor Goldsmith last November 2018, but the fact that they held the intimate wedding ceremony in their own backyard! Many fans were speculating that the wedding was just a spur-of-the-moment decision because they assumed the renowned celebrity would put more thought and preparation into what happened to be the most special event of her life. But the famous singer and her beau broke the showbiz norm by exchanging vows in front of a small, intimate gathering.

Well, if you’re wondering what compelled Moore to opt for a backyard wedding, the singer finally broke her silence and said that she didn’t need fancy venues because the love between the couple was enough to make the event magical. She confessed her wedding was extraordinarily intimate to her. Let’s look at more details of this bizarre marriage as well as the epic honeymoon the newlyweds embarked after sealing their love in a special matrimonial union.

The Intimate Wedding

Moore said that she and her husband Taylor Goldsmith knew from the minute they set their eyes on their property that it was the perfect home for a classic backyard wedding, especially since it offered a breathtaking view of the city from the top of San Gabriel mountains. According to Moore, the whole place was filled with energy and vibrancy. After acquiring the property, she hired Emily Farnham to handle her garden’s landscape design and Sarah Sherman Samuel for her home’s interior design.

Moore revealed they chose her home’s backyard as their wedding venue due to the stunning views and beautiful ambiance

Thanks to their work, Moore finally fulfilled her dream of having a relaxing home where she could truly take a break from the fast-paced industry. The newlyweds revealed that the epic view from the backyard compelled them to opt for a home wedding, inviting only a few guests from the couple’s inner circle. According to the singer, they held a relatively small and intimate ceremony with only 40 guests in attendance. Some of them even had to sit by the pool since there wasn’t enough room in the backyard to fit all of them.

The Reception

After the newlyweds exchanged their vows, they went to Fig House in Los Angeles for their reception where Taylor and his bandmates played songs followed by a karaoke session. The lovely ceremony ended with a song number coming from the newlyweds. Moore and Goldsmith sang a beautiful and mellow song entitled “The Things I Might Have Been.” According to the guests, it was the perfect way to end that magical evening for the couple.

Moore revealed they planned a music and jamming session for their reception since most of the guests were musicians like them

The Epic Honeymoon Adventure

After their wedding, Moore revealed they hiked yo the mountains in Chile for the first few days of their honeymoon. According to the singer, she’s beyond ecstatic that her husband shares her love for outdoor activities and she is excited for the adventures they will embark on together in the future.

After trekking in the mountain, Moore reveals her husband would sit down to either play guitar or read his book.

After trekking on the mountain, Moore reveals her husband would sit down to either play guitar or read a book

Moore narrated how one time they woke up at 5 a.m. and hiked up to a volcano together. Most of the times they go trekking on the mountains in Chile to discover the surprises stored for them. When asked whether Taylor got bored or tired on their adventures, Moore revealed that he’s always game for anything as long as he gets his reading time and alone time every now and then.

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