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How To Make Your Date Perfect And Memorable

This year, you may have included in your New Year’s resolution to finally have a love life. You’re in active search to find the right one for you. You want to feel those butterflies in your stomach and tingling sensation whenever you gaze on the love of your life. All of us want to create a special memory with our partner but how can we find the right one for us? The first step in finding our potential love interest is by dating.

Whether it’s your first time dating together or it’s already your 5th, 6th, monthsary, or anniversary, you always want to impress your partner. You want to make an impression to create a spark or chemistry between the two of you during your first meeting. If not, you want to keep the love and burning passion you have with your partner as you celebrate your special month together. But how can you make sure that your date is perfect and memorable? Here’s what you should do.

Be Approachable

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Smile As You Meet Your Potential Partner

They say the first impression lasts, so if you want your potential partner to get interested in you, you need to be approachable. Don’t wear a frown face when you are on a blind or group date because your potential partner may think that you’re not happy with the setup. Or worse, he or she might think that you’re not interested in dating and you’re angry or irritated. This tends to turn off your potential partner because they don’t want to incur your wrath.

If nobody will approach you, then your chances of communicating with someone and finding that potential partner is low. Instead of wearing a frown face, or deadpan stare, try to smile genuinely. A genuine smile can help lift your aura and bring out the best in you. If your potential partner will see that you are approachable, then chances are, he or she will approach you too.

Give Your Undivided Attention to Your Potential Partner

Put Your Phone Down and Talk With Your Partner

Now that step 1 is clear and your potential partner has approached you, then this is the time where both of you are trying to talk things out. This is where you begin to get to know each other. Or if you’re already dating your loved one, this is where you get to catch up with one another. So make sure to make the best out of it. Put your phone down and talk to your partner. This will show that you give importance to this time despite your busy schedules and that you’re interested in your partner. Give him your undivided attention as you listen to them talk. Speak up your thoughts and let him or her listen to your opinions too. Discover your likes and dislikes, talk about your passion, your hobby, find that common ground that’ll make the whole date memorable for the both of you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Your Friend’s Help to Find Your Right One

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Let Your Friend Be the Matchmaker For You

Your friends who are already in a happy relationship or marriage would wish for you to experience the same thing too. Remember those times where you get irritated because they keep asking about your love life? Since they already want to pry, why not let them involve in your love life? Ask them if they can recommend a potential partner for you. What’s great about letting your friends be your matchmaker is that they want the best for you. That’s why they will only refer a good partner you deserve and will never intend to hurt you. Oftentimes, their recommended mutual friends already passed their own scrutiny, so you won’t have to worry about seeking your friend’s approval to date your loved one.

Do Things that You Both Love

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Make Your Date Memorable By Doing What You Love

Another way of making your date memorable is if the both of you have enjoyed it. That’s why we recommend you to find the common ground. Do both of you love to hike? Swim? Or maybe run? Why don’t you start your day with hiking or camping out? You can experience the nature’s beauty while enjoying your hobbies. Do you both love to watch movies? Ask him or her for a movie marathon. Whatever you do, make sure the both of you are enjoying and not one partner feels left out.

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