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Ladies, Pay Attention: Men Will Run Away from You If You Do This

Many girls and women think that personal appearance is the most important thing that men look for in a woman. Wrong! Even if there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and putting an effort into your own appearance, men often don’t even care about it. Sometimes, it can even chase them away if they realize that you are putting too much time and effort into ‘looking good’ and neglecting your other qualities.

We asked for their opinion, and these are the things women often do that men hate the most.



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Even if you are a highly attractive woman, no man would willingly listen only about all the negative things you can think of. Share some positive points of view more instead of being pessimistic. When you only notice and talk about the negative things in your life and completely ignore the positive sides, you tire other people immensely.

A person who is in a relationship with you—if he really cares about you—has a natural urge to help you solve your problems and to make you look positive at it. However, if you are sabotaging him, you will soon see his back as he runs away from you.

With much prevailing pessimism and negativity, you make yourself the absolute the worst person to be around. Do you really want this? If not, then start applying optimism as soon as possible!



Do you often look at other guys while hardly acknowledge the man in front of you? This is a big no-no. How would you feel if he did the same thing to you — flirting with other girls and ignoring you while doing it? Even though you have ‘caught’ the guy you liked, you shouldn’t stop flirting with him. Yes, flirting with your boyfriend! If you are really addicted to flirting, you could, from time to time, play a flirting game with him. It goes this way — pretend that you and your boyfriend don’t know each other and that you are meeting for the first time over and over again (during many weeks). This could be so much fun, playing out many scenarios and making your relationship stay fresh and new. In the end, you will forget how you actually met in the first place.

Being competitive for no reason


You might think that the other woman is more attractive or better looking and you will feel bad about yourself. On the other hand, if you see that other woman as being worse than you, your ego might reach the sky, and you may look vain, rude, or even cruel. If you really want your man to have a good opinion of you, stop making comparisons with other women. For a man, it can be very annoying and unnecessary.

Hating ‘guys night.’

There are many movies on this matter showing how women hate those occasions when their boyfriends and husbands go out to hang out with their friends. Why? Why do you hate it? Man are social beings, and they need to spend time with other males. Imagine that someone tells you that you cannot go out to hang out with your girlfriends! OMG, right? That is a natural thing, and if you nag him about it, he will soon try to find the easiest way out of that unhealthy love relationship.

Being double-faced person

Are you sometimes super nice to your friends in front of them, but talk bad things about them behind their backs?Oh, that is bad since men don’t like it. They don’t like double-faced girls because then they think, ”If she is behaving that way with her friends, she must be doing the same thing to me. I don’t like it.”


‘I am fine’ mistake

This has probably happened to you many times. You are distressed but don’t want to talk about your feelings hoping that your boyfriend will somehow be able to understand how you feel without you telling him. Hm… Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture here?

No one can read anyone’s thoughts> Therefore, if you have something that is bothering you, you should find the right words to express it. On the other hand, if your feelings are constantly being suppressed (feelings, not thoughts as we explained in the No.3) then you will burst with the emotion and start crying uncontrollably when you least need it. It is a natural process since those emotions need to come out somehow sooner or later.

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