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Kristen Bell Says Every Couple Must Do THIS to Have a Lasting Relationship

Kristen Bell’s popular role in Veronica Mars may have ended more than a decade ago, but her career has only just taken off. The 38-year-old actress is a woman of many talents. Apart from being a mum of two, she also runs a successful business with her husband, Dax Shepard.

Moreover, Bell is set to reunite with the cast of Veonica Mars 12 years later, for a revival of the series expected to air on the online streaming service, Hulu in July. The announcement made back in January said that the new season will feature eight episodes.

With the middle class being crushed under the rich and the powerful, Bell thinks that there could have been no better time than now to revive the series which will shed some light on the issues our current society faces. However, reprising the role means Bell must endure six months of being away from her husband and two little daughters.

How did she accept the said titular role while still finding the time to reconnect with her family? Bell finally reveals why she ended up taking the role, as well as her secrets to balancing her work and personal life.

The Decision

Kristen Bell reveals she decided to reprise the role for two important reasons; one, because the character holds a special place in her heart and she’s eager to revisit the old times and reminisce about the past. And two, because she feels that Veronica’s character can give women the courage to fight for equal rights and freedom.

Bell reveals she loves Veronica because she helps not only in maintaining peace and order but also in empowering women.

In this modern world where women are still fighting for equality and freedom, Veronica’s character will serve as an inspiration. The actress emphasizes that the detective’s cleverness and strength challenge the gender norms and prove that women can pick any role or career path they want and do a damn good job at it.

Her Personal Fight

While Bell isn’t fighting in solving crimes in real life, the renowned actress says she’s been keen on fixing issues in her relationship. While most people dubbed her and Dax Shepard as the couple with #relationshipgoals, Bell reveals that they have to work extremely hard to make their marriage work.

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Bell says she and her husband enjoy a long-lasting relationship because they work hard for it and never give each other up despite the challenges and trials they endured.

The actress emphasizes that the key to a long-term relationship is constant communication. No matter how busy or tired you are, you need to be able to invest time and energy into the relationship to help it grow. You must be honest and open with each other even when faced with painful times. Bell admits it isn’t easy to maintain open communication; that’s why she and her husband often seek professional help.

The Therapy

Bell says she and Dex go to regular therapy sessions to help them process their feelings and emotions. Their therapist encourages them to talk to each instead of harboring secrets that can potentially ruin their relationship.

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Bells says going to therapy doesn’t mean your marriage is falling apart

Then, they solve the problem and address those issues before they can escalate and break their family.  They also apply the same rule for their children. The couple wants to provide physical, mental, and emotional support to their kids and explain to them why sometimes they aren’t available because of their work.

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