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How to Keep Your Relationship Fun and Exciting

All people who experienced falling in love or being in a relationship know the drill: you feel those butterflies in your stomach whenever you see your partner. Your day seems to brighten up whenever you spend time with your significant other. You find yourself planning exciting fun and activities you go on a date.

This phenomenon known as the honeymoon phase makes you believe that as long as you’re together, you and your partner can conquer everything. But when your hormones have settled down and you start seeing the problems, flaws, and imperfections in your relationship, how can you retain the love and passion you and your partner have? Here’s what the relationship experts have to say.

Keep the Element of Surprise.

Remember when your partner surprised you with gifts, presents, or even a surprise weekend getaway whenever it’s your birthday? Or if not, you may have prepared a delicious meal to eat as you celebrate your anniversary. Or the both of you may have gone traveling as part of your date.

The element of surprise not only fulfills you and your partner’s joy, but it also keeps the excitement and romance in your relationship.

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Relationship experts say you continue to surprise your partner with gifts, getaways, or even small efforts to pamper them.

According to relationship experts, the efforts you exert in surprising and making your partner happy only shows how much you love and care for them, so you should pamper them with rewards.

The relationship experts emphasize how most people commit mistakes when they stop caring for their partner after years of being in a relationship or the moment they enter marriage. If anything, you should keep your passion burning to make your partner feel they’re well-loved and cared for.

Keep In Touch As Much As Possible.

When you’re apart or when you’re too busy with each other’s work and appointments that you barely have time to see each other, it’s recommended you send at least two messages each day. You can send one in the morning telling your partner how great they are or to do their best to inspire them in starting the day right. The other one can be sent in the evening, asking how their day went or just saying good night and take care will suffice.

If you cannot do it by text, at least shoot them a chat message on their social media account or have a video call on Skype. According to the relationship experts, keeping in touch and checking in with your partner help to keep the romance in your relationship.

It also gives you an update on how they’re doing despite your hectic schedules and to check if they’re okay. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings of love and admiration to your partner to remind them that someone’s thinking and loving them even from miles apart.

Schedule Regular Date Nights

Most couples get excited about going on dates during the first few months of their relationships and even monthsaries. But as you stay together longer, you and your partner tend to have little to no date nights at all, either because you don’t have enough budget to prepare for a date.

Oftentimes, most long-term relationships only celebrate their anniversary. While celebrating an anniversary is great, the relationship experts recommend you go out on date nights on a regular basis.

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According to relationship experts, it isn’t necessary to plan for an expensive date. Just a simple dinner or movie while sitting together on the couch is enough.

It doesn’t have to be every week, you and your partner just have to pick a free schedule at least twice or thrice a month and stick to your date night regularly.

It also doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just by going out on a dinner, having a picnic, or sitting on a couch while having a movie marathon is enough. The most important thing is you get to spend quality time together as a couple.

Establish Goals Together.

Having couple goals enable each partner to grow as they work on keeping their relationship strong to last for a lifetime.

Aside from supporting your individual goals, you and your partner should also establish goals as a couple. It may include simple goals like running everyday to become physically fit and healthy, up to long-term goals like saving money for your wedding or buying your dream house.

This gives you a vision and mission to work on these goals as a team and have something to look forward to in your relationship.

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