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The Important Things You Need to Know If You’re Dating or Planning to Date an Introvert

Although introverts are known for their desire for solitude and quality alone time, this doesn’t mean that they don’t look for companionship at all. Like their extrovert and ambivert counterparts, these silent types are also keen on finding love.

However, the people who want to date them might find it extra challenging to read introverts and understand their subtleties.

Dating Each Other

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Opposites do attract. But their longevity will depend on their ability to understand each other’s differing needs.

The good news is that some experts believe that two introverts dating each other make for a well-matched couple. Because of their similar temperaments, the pair can find comfort and understanding from another person who understands them.

However, they can still face problems with communication due to the same reason, according to clinical social worker Andrew Aaron. Meanwhile, a couple with one extrovert and one introvert may also work depending on their self-confidence, level of maturity, and communication skills.

Introverts & Affection

Despite the stereotype, introverts do want and need affection. However, people in a relationship with one might notice how they can be emotionally withholding, whether perceived or confirmed, at certain times. This could be an issue for the couple in the long run and should be addressed through communication.

The Importance of Alone Time

Don’t feel guilty about wanting to spend or if your partner wants some alone time once in a while.

One stereotype that’s probably true for most introverts is that they tend to be homebodies. This said partners shouldn’t be offended or get worried when their significant other refuses invitations to go out.

The decision may be more a reflection of the introverted partner’s management of their feelings of being overwhelmed after spending too much time in social situations. While most people need to recharge after socializing, introverts might need more time to decompress.

Date Ideas

One doesn’t have to think outside the box to come up with great date ideas for their introverted significant other. A simple night out with movies and a nice dinner is a great place to start. Watching a movie in a theater allows for physical closeness but doesn’t add any pressure for a couple to converse, a thing that every shy introvert will deeply appreciate.

How They Open Up

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An introvert might be discouraged to speak when they think that they are competing with another for air space and would end up just staying quiet.

An introvert tends to open up only when they feel like the other person will fully listen to them. Thus, they might not talk about deep topics right away until they are sure that the relationship can be a safe space for them.

A partner can subtly encourage their significant other to talk about their feelings more by letting them know that one won’t pass judgment on them and their thoughts.

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