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The Heartwarming Reason Why Eva Mendes Changed Her Mind About Starting a Family

Everyone dreams of falling in love and starting their own family at some point in their lives. Most people dream of having a significant other with whom they can spend the rest of their lives and watch their children chase their goals and accomplish great things in life.

While most of us wish for that happily-ever-after ending we see in fairytales, some women opted not to get married or enter the life of parenthood. A great example is renowned actress, Eva Mendes, who revealed that settling down and having children was the last thing on her list of priorities back in the day.

But it all changes when she met the love of her life. Let’s uncover the sweetest love story of Eva and her husband Ryan Gosling and how it changed her perception to embrace motherhood.

The Change

While Eva Mendes rarely talks about her relationship with Ryan Gosling in interviews, she made an exception for Women’s Health magazine where she got candid about her love life and motherhood. In the magazine’s May issue, Eva revealed how falling in love with Gosling opened up her mind to parenthood.

 Eva Mendes claims being a wife to Ryan, and a mother to his children was the best decision in her life.

Eva Mendes says being a mother to Ryan’s children was the best decision in her life

She said she wasn’t too keen on the thought of getting married and having kids when she has too many engagements and projects as an actress.

However, everything changes when Ryan came into her life. Falling in love with him made her realize she wanted to get married to him and bear his children. She was suddenly willing to risk everything and start a family with Ryan because that’s how special he was to her.

The Joy of Motherhood

Mendes has been working in the Hollywood industry for nearly two decades.

Mendes has been working in the Hollywood industry for nearly two decades

Eva reveals her family is stronger than ever thanks to their two daughters, Esmeralda (4 years old) and Amanda (2 years old), whom they love tremendously.

She also shared how her views on motherhood and parenting changed immensely when Esmeralda was born. Eva recalled that she decided to quit Hollywood and acting after giving birth to her first daughter if it means taking care of her family and devoting all her time to her kids.

The New Goals

While Eva is thankful she still has her work, she reveals her goals have shifted ever since she became a mother, and her career is no longer her first priority. Don’t get her wrong, Eva still works hard to deliver the best performance in every project she takes.

Eva Mendes prioritizes her family's wellbeing first before her career.

Eva Mendes prioritizes her family’s wellbeing first over her career

However, the renowned actress says she feels more ambitious now when it comes to her family than she does with her job. For example, she doesn’t miss attending important milestones in her kids’ lives. Eva is willing to change her schedule or drop a project if it impedes with her family time.

The Gratitude

Eva Mendes also thanked her husband for dedicating his Golden Globes Award to her. According to the actress, she didn’t expect Ryan to do such a thing, especially when she heard him mentioning her late brother’s name, Juan Carlos Mendez in his acceptance speech. She felt touched by his gesture since it was incredibly difficult for Eva to cope with the loss.

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