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Girls Who Don’t Like Other People Are The Best Girlfriends

Instead of going out with the partygoer with a hundred friends, you should consider dating a girl who simply cannot stand other people. She can be the perfect one.

Do not get confused about this. We are not trying to say those anti-social girls are the best. The girls we are talking about in this article are not anti-social per se; they are just super selective when it comes to the people they keep around themselves. Unfortunately, there is a stigma connected to the idea of women who refuse to connect with a lot of people. On the contrary, they are usually great to hang out with, even though it is not easy to befriend them.

So, let’s finally list those reasons:

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You will love her friends

If you already like a girl who keeps to herself, those few friends that she has are most likely going to be the exact type of people you would choose for friends. These girls do not hang out with people they do not consider to be close friends, and they do not fake friendships.

You get to have those lazy weekends

These girls usually don’t like going out at weekends, which works great for guys who share that attitude. You can skip through planning out a different date every week, waiting for her to get dressed for hours, and spending your Saturday nights driving around the club trying to find a parking spot. Your rest after a hard week at work will be at your disposal. You can binge out on shows, and even have some alone time if you need it.


You can keep your pets

People who don’t like people are usually inclined towards liking animals. And, if you have a pet that you love, this means a lot. The number of relationships that went awry because one of the partners refused to let the other one keep their pet is actually quite large, and, what’s worse, the number of pets that got kicked out is not that small either.

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These girls are usually ambitious

A girl who can’t stand other people usually has a slight superiority complex. She also has a need to prove herself. This means that she will work hard and never let her goals slip away from her. But that is not all. This girl also has more time to think about her life, plan out her future and fight for it. She will not just sit and expect her partner to take her through life.


She will not be afraid to defend you

Let’s face it – if a girl really wants to be liked, she will never argue with those around her. However, if you are with a girl who does not try too hard to be liked, you will always have that someone to stand up and help you in a heated argument.

You can get out of social events you wanted to skip

If someone asked you to spend your free day hiking and you don’t want to do it (kudos to those who love it, good for you guys), you can use the fact that she is known for being anti-social to get out. The best part might be that she will usually even be willing to be the person who breaks the bad news to the person who called you.

She is honest

Since she is not constantly asking for approval from strangers, you can count on her honesty most of the time. You will not have to play those mind games whenever you introduce her to one of your friends. If she doesn’t like him, she will tell you. Not to mention that these girls also come with “what you see is what you get” guarantee. The personality she took to your first date is her actual personality, and it will help you avoid a lot of future confusion.

In the end, an article on the Internet is really not what you need to make a choice of who you want to date. However, I really did enjoy bringing these facts out, and I hope at least someone will keep it in mind if he (or she) ever finds himself (or herself) in need of it.

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