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On a First Date? Here’s Why He Might Not Be Showing That Much Interest in You

It’s normal to have high expectations a night before the momentous day that you and your ‘prince charming’ planned the date. Yep, the phone conversations are just ooh! He’s deep voices just speaks to your heart and soul and you simply can’t wait. From the tone of his voice, you can tell that he’s excited about tomorrow as well, so you’re pretty sure that everything’s going to go exactly as you planned.

First of all, you’ll meet up at the restaurant. He’ll pull the chair back for you, look gorgeously into your eyes as you share about each other’s lives. By the end of the night, you’ll be in his embrace as he kisses you goodnight after a perfect evening. Great!

When the two of you eventually meet, he shows disinterest during the date. He seems like he wants to be out of there as quickly as possible. Why could this be happening?

For some girls, they beat themselves up whenever their date does this. That being said, here are 5 reasons why your date is showing disinterest during the date.

Men are just as judgmental on first dates as women, so you better be presentable

You’re Not on Your A-Game in the Cleanliness Department

As sad as this may be, perhaps you might have flaws in the cleanliness department. Did you buy some mint before you left the house? Or maybe you might be nearing ‘that time of the month’ and had no idea that an accident was bound to happen during the date.

Believe it or not, guys are just as sensitive as women during dates regarding personal cleanliness during a date. So any foul smells, bad breath, unkempt hair, dirty clothes, might result in a massive dip in your score in the attraction department. Since guys are 60% visual, this will instantly put him off. As a rule of thumb, everything should be spick and span.

You’re Not as Outgoing as You Sounded on the Phone

You had some pretty great conversations on the phone. In fact, some of them might have even gotten a little bit kinky! However, when the two of you met in person, his attitude towards you changed. That’s because he believes that you fed him a lie. A lie that you were this awesome, positive, outgoing individual that had their life-plan set before them.

When the two of you meet, you suddenly shut down. Here is this shy, fidgeting girl, who doesn’t seem to hold a reasonable conversation for more than five minutes. Oh boy, what a letdown! There’s no hiding it; his demeanor will change from a sunny side up to ‘I wish I could get out of here faster than lightning.’

Nicoleta Ionescu/Shutterstock
Don’t be outgoing on the phone only to later show up as humble as a church mouse in person

You’re Addicted to Your Phone

There’s nothing that makes a guy (and generally every person you meet) lose interest faster than a girl who can’t keep her Twitter fingers at bay. There you are on the date, he’s trying to tell you about his interests, and you can’t keep yourself from checking your phone after every 2 minutes. Look, honey, your Instagram likes can take a break, can’t they?

If that’s not enough, the fact that you’re taking photos during the date makes you look like the most plastic person on earth. Why can’t you first enjoy the moment before showing the whole world that you’re on a date with your prince charming?

Dragon Images/Shutterstock
Because guys are visual creatures, not looking as hot as your photos will certainly put him off


You’re Too Moody, and…a Sad Sob

So you have problems in your life, that’s fine. However, the first date is not the place to start revealing sad information like how your dad passed away last year. You’ve got to understand that the first date is not a therapy session, and he is not obliged to listen to all the stress that you currently have in your life.

As a rule of thumb, kindly stay away from the depressing information about your life? If anything you should talk about some of the happier and funnier moments in your life.

Last but Not Least…You Used Too Much Filter in Your Pics

He feels betrayed. He thought he was getting an IG model thanks to all the filters that you used in your photos. When he meets you in person, you’re just not his type. That’s why it’s always advised to be honest with your pics. In this world of Photoshop, everyone’s just looking out for themselves!

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