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These Are the Best and Worst Ways to Break Up With Someone

It’s that time of the year again when love will be felt everywhere as the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. Some people may want to spend this time with their family, but it has been a tradition for years now that this day is for couples. There are people who are hoping to finally find the courage to confess their love, but there are also people who wish to end a relationship despite the occasion.

According to the song, there is no way that you can break someone’s heart easily since no matter how nicely you do it, they will get hurt most especially if they weren’t expecting at all. However, experts believe that there are the best and worst ways to break up with someone.

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Ironically, Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular occasions couples break up

Best Ways To Break Up

Breaking up is indeed very hard to do, which is where there have been debates whether it’s worst to be the one who ends it or the one who is going to get dumped. No matter how you look at it, relationships that don’t work is never a good thing, hence it’s best to part ways.

According to Beverly Hills psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish, one sign that could tell you it is time for you to end things with your partner is when they refuse to support or satisfy your needs, which usually ends up in arguments and pointless conflicts.

Healthy relationships only work if the two people involved are willing to please one another in every way, even if there are times that you have to be selfless. Relationship expert for celebrities Audrey Hope revealed that there is actually an art when it comes to ending a relationship with someone. She said that all it takes is a little time to plan, with a mix of honesty, compassion, and respectfulness. Thinking about it too much will give you a hard time, so you must think about it deeply, but not for such a long time.

If you are planning on breaking up with your partner, you must be honest with your feelings as well as what are the things that are keeping the relationship a total mess. Playing the blame game simply creates drama, hence you must be compassionate and try to narrow down what are your and your partner’s inconsistencies. This creates a level of respectfulness, not just towards your partner, but also to the relationship that contains fond memories.

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Dr. Rachel Sussman, the author of The Breakup Bible, said that one of the things that you need to remind yourself is that you owe your partner a detailed explanation as to why you are no longer there to continue the fight, without pointing out his or her flaws. Ending things peacefully will not just help him or her, but also yourself. No one wants to stress over a bad and dramatic breakup, just because that’s what happens in a movie doesn’t mean that it has to happen with you.

Worst Ways To Break A Heart

If there are best ways, there are of course worst ways to break up with someone. Everyone knows that making a relationship work can be really difficult, but ending it badly is the easiest thing to do especially if you are letting your emotions take over.

There is a saying that says explains it is not good to make decisions while you’re mad, which makes a lot of sense you’ll most likely say things that you’ll regret. This costs a lot of relationships that end badly, couples tend to break up when they are both aggravated and furious about a current situation, that they will start to mention each other’s flaws.

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Breaking up in public is the worst way to break up

According to clinical psychologist Dr. Joshua Klapow, these bad breakups can cause trauma to people involved. Some may no longer want to love anymore, some may be afraid to commit, and more. There might not be a positive sign when it comes to a relationship ending, but it also doesn’t have to be traumatizing. It should be something that will teach both parties a lesson to become a better partner for future relationships.

Dating expert Jonathan Bennett even explained how lying and constant excuses make things worst, but wellness expert Caleb Backe said that there is nothing worse than a public breakup. Other people don’t have to be involved, it is a matter between the two of you, so there are no reasons to humiliate someone in public if you wish to have a peaceful breakup.

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