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Is There Ever a Right Time to say ‘I love you’ to Your Partner?

Like every other journey in life, relationships have stages. There’s the butterfly stage, where the two of you are swooning, madly in love, barely able to skip a day without seeing each other.

Then comes the ‘exclusive’ stage, where you officially declare him or her as your aficionado. Even your besties start coining phrases for the two of you such as ‘Jurita’ (Julie and Arita), as if you are one entity!

Oh, then suddenly the loneliness in your apartment creeps in and you’re like, ‘why not get an apartment with her/him? Yep, moving in together is the third step. Finally you know sooner or later one of you will pop the question and tie the knot.

However, there is one stage that is so often downplayed. It’s not a stage per-say, but it’s extremely monumental in every relationship.

That is, the first time you say ‘I love you’ to your partner.

Saying ‘I love you’ is probably the hardest thing to say for any partner, especially the male gender

The innate power of these three words

Loving someone is one thing, but admitting to them that you love them is another. The power in these words cannot be undermined. They come straight from the soul.

In fact, with how PC the dating world has become, the phrase ‘I love you’ is sparsely being tossed around. Heck, you’ve got to know the right time to use it, lest you come about as being ‘needy’ and ‘olskool’.

So when do you know it’s the right time to boom these words with passion to your significant other? Here are some subtle tips to let you know that the hour-glass is running up.

You’ve been dating for more than six months

Case scenario; you’re immersed in each other’s arms by the fireplace, intoxicated in the love you two feel. All the highs you could ever wish for in your younger days while binge-watching Telemundo is manifesting before you.

That’s when you feel the urge to say it. Gazing into your lover’s eyes, you feel your lips quivering, shaping intricately to admit to your significant other that their soul is yours. At first, you murmur the words, though it’s barely audible. At last, you finally get the courage and tell them how you feel.

Most people are normally scared to relay their feelings for fear of getting hurt

Great! Now depending on how long the two of you have been dating, it can either be the happiest day of your life, or the shocking realization that you’ll be riding solo soon.

As a rule of thumb, six months should be the most ideal time while dating for you to admit your feelings. However, depending on the passion and intensity of the relationship, you can say it when it feels right. Plus if your partner says it first, well and good!

There’s a difference between love and infatuation

Perhaps you might have heard the term ‘infatuation’ as you dozed sheepishly through literature class back in high school. All in all, infatuation is real. It’s out there, and boy is it obsessive.

In fact, you can call it toxic.

That’s because the feelings of infatuation are somewhat dangerous. It’s a false belief that you can’t live without the person your dating. You look at your relationship from an irrational perspective. The kind where you’re willing to take your own life if your partner leaves you!

Love, on the other hand, is rational. It analyzes a situation, processes it, and makes the best decision that suits both parties.

So the next time you’re wondering whether or not to admit your love to your partner, remember this. If it is genuine and straight from the heart, no matter what your partner says, you’ll be ay okay!

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