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How to Determine If Your Man Isn’t A Cheater

In this world where most men (and some women) tend to cheat and commit infidelity behind their partner’s back, it’s no wonder why most people are afraid to commit to a relationship. Aside from bearing the painful betrayal, cheating also creates an emotional trauma on the one who got cheated on.

It left the one being left behind questioning their worth, wondering where they went wrong, or if the love, care, and attention they gave was never enough to satisfy their partner. While it’s understandable that you’re afraid to enter into another relationship and get your heart broken again, the relationship coaches advise you to think twice.

According to them, there are still a few out there who remain loyal to their significant other, you just have to watch these signs to find the right one.

Having The Same Income Bracket

According to the study, most men cheat if they earn less than their partners because they’re questioning their ability to provide for the family as a man.

According to the recent study published by the American Sociological review, partners were less likely to cheat if they have the same income bracket. This is because both partners feel secured with each other especially when it comes to their personal finances.

If men make more money than their female partner, they’re more likely to cheat since they feel like they have extra money to spend on another woman. Meanwhile, they’re most likely to cheat if they earn less than their partner’s paychecks.

He Has Faithful Friends

If your partner’s friends are a good influence on him, chances are, he’s less likely to cheat on you. According to M Gary Newman, it’s vital to know your partner’s friends to determine whether or not they’re good influences to your partner.

If his friends are all faithful to their partners, your partner is likely to mimic their good deeds and be loyal to you. If he sees his friends cheating and dating other women whenever they hang out, your man is likely to give into temptation.

He Feels Loved and Trusted

According to Newman’s latest study, most men won’t cheat on their girlfriends or wives if they feel loved, trusted, and contented. Men are satisfied with the woman they love if they feel their partner give importance to their worth, if they feel loved, appreciated, and cared for.

Whether it’s financial, emotional, mental, or intimate, they’re less likely to cheat if they’re satisfied and contented in a relationship. Meanwhile, most men cheat if they find the satisfaction they seek in another person. So before you call it quits, ask yourself first whether you’re treating your partner right.

According to Newman, you can’t expect your male partner to treat you like a Queen if you aren’t treating your man like a King.

He’s An Extrovert.

You might feel insecure or intimidated by the thought of your man being surrounded by people or most women, but research shows men who are outgoing and extroverted are less likely to cheat on their partners.

The introverts, on the other hand, tend to cheat more because they tend to get swayed by peer pressure or by someone propositioning them. So try to be more considerate and let your partner have some fun hanging out with his friends and peers, it might be actually safer rather than him meeting up secretly.

Trust Your Gut

According to the researchers, you can trust your own gut or instinct to determine whether your man cheats or not. If your gut tells you no, then there’s no reason to doubt your partner. But if your instinct is telling you your partner cheats on you, then it’s better to listen to it and sever ties before your relationship fall apart.

He Loves His Sister Dearly

Most men treat their sisters as their precious girls, that’s why they tend to threaten men who want to break their hearts. Likewise, they’ll treat you the same since they know how painful it is to see their sister cry over some useless men, so they avoid doing the same thing to their partners.

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