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Dating the Enemy? Tom Felton and Emma Watson Spark Romance Rumors

We all remember the evil wizard Draco Malfoy – played by actor Tom Felton – who loved bullying Harry and his friends in the Harry Potter film franchise. Emma Watson and Tom never agreed on anything in Hogwarts. They turned out to be the enemies in Hogwarts, which makes us wonder why the actress who brought Hermione to life is now hanging out with the enemy. Fans of Potter films have something to talk about since Emma and Felton fraternizing outside the wizardry school. It has now been years since the magical franchise ended but some of the cast members are now rekindling their bond through an off-camera relationship. Emma sparked rumors of a romance with Tom after sharing a beautiful picture captured by Felton.

If you are reading about this pair the first time, it can be a coincidence. But this is not the first time they have sparked romance rumors. The pair stirred traffic on social media with a picture of them skating on the same skateboard in 2018. Emma explained that Felton is only a friend but who would believe this with their open display of affection?

Emma broke up with her boyfriend, Chord Overstreet after dating him for six months. Before the end of 2018, millionaire Brenda Wallace came into her life. The pair confirmed their relationship with a kiss. But now time will tell what role Felton will play in Emma’s life.

Meanwhile, the Harry Potter cast manages to stay in touch with each other even after the filming. The actors are keeping their bond strong; a sacrifice that is not easy but necessary.

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