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How to Date Your Amazing Partner Even if They Have a Chronic Illness

Living with type-1 diabetes and other chronic diseases is like having a ‘silent resident’ in your apartment that only you know about.

Indeed, it has every right to be called silent, considering the fact that it requires you to consistently get insulin treatment by attaching a pump on your hip or stomach.

For most, it might be a bit too much to bear, especially in the dating spectrum. Some might even consider the whole situation rather humorous and puzzling!

It really depends on how you see it. Here’s the thing: you can’t be able to tell that a person is a diabetic simply by looking at them.

So when it comes to dating, most diabetics prefer to inform their potential dates about their current situation before it goes on and surprises them later on. Additionally, it can also help you lessen your anxiety over the whole situation.

That being said, here are some of the most important things that you should know when it comes to dating someone with a chronic illness.

Avoid Romanticizing Their Illness

What this simply means is that if you’re planning to date a person who has a chronic illness, it’s wise to keep away from saying how ‘awesome’ or ‘amazing’ it is that they’ve lived with that illness and how you find it attractive.

You might think that you’re being cute, but honestly, there is nothing romantic about having an illness.

Additionally, you should not date any individuals with a chronic illness simply because it is a fetish.

Dating a chronically ill person requires a lot of understanding because of their condition

Taking the Time to Know About the Illness

One of the ways that you can show your support to your chronically-ill girlfriend or boyfriend is by showing plenty of love and support.

You can start by knowing different things about the illness, the common symptoms, and how certain medication will affect them. This certainly helps to foster the bond that the two of you have.

Indeed, learning about an individual’s illness shows support because it lets your partner know that they can depend on you regardless of the situation.

It shows that if you’ve put in the time and effort in learning about that particular illness, and that you’re able to stand with your partner through every trial and tribulation.

Don’t See Them as Helpless and Fragile

One of the most cringe-worthy ways that a non-ill person attempts to show support to their chronically ill girlfriend or boyfriend is attempting to overcompensate by doing basic tasks such as opening doors for them, and so forth.

Unfortunately, this might come by as a kind of ‘babbysitter’ vibe and your partner might fill offended.

Indeed, weren’t they doing just fine before you came into their lives?

That being said, you should occasionally give your partner that sense of independence to enable them to handle a myriad of tasks on their own.

It’s important to be supportive to your partner no matter the progression of the illness

Being Able to Deal with the Proverbial Side Effects

Just like dating a physically healthy person, ill people tend to have their moments of breakdown. In this case, your significant other might be a little perturbed with situations relating to their illness, and some of them might be physical, while others might be completely mental.

In such situations, you should be able to deal with their bouts of anxiety and depression.

Be There for Them

When dating an ill person, it won’t always be a bed of roses. As a matter of fact, there are some days they might be a little testy from the pain, or the side-effects of drugs.

That being said, don’t be the one to bail out on them when they need you the most. Especially when they are going through a difficult part of their life.

It’s important to let your partner be independent with certain situations instead of acting as their ‘babysitter.’

Don’t Be Afraid

You heard your partner cough loudly, and now you’re all worried pacing around the room. Unfortunately, you’re only making things harder for yourself as this kind of fear only makes the more worried.

Whatever the current situation is, you shouldn’t be afraid and think twice about being there with them and afraid to lose them. Simply enjoy every moment that you spend together and let fate handle the rest.

Indeed, you can also make their day by asking those simple questions such as ‘how they are feeling’ and ‘whether or not they went for their appointments.’

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