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Common Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced

If you believe infidelity is the most common reason for divorce among couples you should be reconsidering your thoughts. A number of studies which have been conducted have revealed that the top reasons why couples who had married decided to split were because they were unable to communicate with each other effectively.

Some of the reasons spoken about could even surprise you and make you wonder whether the couple had considered each other adequately before making a commitment to get married. Some of the reasons mentioned have nothing to do with their initial infatuation and would only have surfaced after the commitment was made. We give you some of the common reasons why couples get divorced.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]I’m so wrapped up in my work that it’s often impossible to consider other things in my life. My marriage ended in divorce because of this, my relationship with Holly has suffered by this.

~Jim Carrey [/su_quote]

Getting Married For The Wrong Reasons


Getting married for money is a subject we have all heard about but it is also a journey to a quick ticket for divorce. Many couples decide to get married because they believe it is something they should be doing. The couples realize that problems exist but expect to live happily ever after once the marriage is over. They spend money on the wedding, build a dream home but for some reason don’t realize they have the option to say “I don’t” before they say “I do.”


Becoming Lost In The Roles Assumed

It is common for a number of couples to stay away from their single friends and the methods they used to adopt when they were single. When the couple has babies they begin to neglect each other or in some cases even forget they are a couple. When the children begin to grow and need less attention from their parents the couple suddenly realize they have grown apart and cannot even remember why they had gotten married the first place. They begin to feel they have nothing in common to continue together.

Loss of Intimacy

A subtle change in the department of intimacy creeps in at some time in a marriage. One partner of the couple has a bad day leading to a misunderstanding or the other doesn’t feel well. The idea that one of the partners is not romantic or actual enough also makes an appearance. The partner that displayed the subtle changes begins to trigger a downward spiral within the department of intimacy and if left unchecked can lead to a situation when the couple could develop feelings of being unloved and not appreciated. This is another one of the common reasons why couples get divorced.


The lack of finances is not usually the reason for a divorce but it is the lack of financial compatibility within the financial arena which is usually the cause. This is one of the common reasons why couples get divorced because one partner is interested in saving money while the other wants to have a good time. One partner does not think about the future while the other is thinking in the opposite direction. Over a period of time, this conflict can escalate and reach heights which will make the couple feel that a divorce is the only logical conclusion.

The Inability To Resolve Conflicts


Disagreements between couples are quite common and it is important for both partners to develop certain ground rules to ensure both partners feel respected and heard. On many occasions, the need for a third-party to intervene and define the rules teaches the couple to move ahead with the changing emotions to make sure that resentments do not linger on. When couples are unable to resolve conflicts things begin to worsen to a position where they see a resolution from the courts.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]Even after I got my divorce, the ink wasn’t even dry on the paper, and I said, ‘Ooh, the next time I become a wife, I got this thing down pat!’ I always believed that there was someone built for me.

~Niecy Nash [/su_quote]

Some of the reasons mentioned may sound pretty frivolous for a couple to give up on a commitment which they had made for life. However, such instances have taken place along with out of context demands from either partner. A divorce is definitely a difficult solution for the reasons which have been discussed and things would be better if couples tried to forget the common reasons for the divorce and continued with life by making the small changes that are needed.

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