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Why Do Most Men Cheat on Their Partners?

One of the most common reasons we have for broken relationships and painful breakup is cheating. And before you get defensive over there and say that “women cheat too”, the author obliged to disclose that your statement is also true. Unfortunately, the Statistics reveals that men are more likely to cheat than women. So it’s imperative to understand the meaning behind this painful stages in our relationships and why most men are vulnerable to this type of temptation. We believe that if we only know how these men think, we can understand them better and help them resist the temptation before actually committing such a painful betrayal. As a partner, it’s also your responsibility to save your relationship by getting rid of temptation. Here are some facts about this controversial topic.

An astonishingly low number of men stay in committed relationship


Only about 21% from the men surveyed had admitted that they are likely to stay committed in a relationship. Most men were seeking something they didn’t see from their partners, filling a hole in them that tends them to cheat. Furthermore, most men are inclined to think that it’s okay to cheat if they weren’t caught. An alarming rate of 76% of them said that they consider cheating thinking they wouldn’t get caught in the act. As such, the classic cliché, “you can look, but don’t touch” is the pinnacle of this point.

Monogamy, are we as humans meant to stay with one mate for life?

Over the past centuries there’s no doubt that the world had changed drastically. More so when we talk about marriage and relationships. In fact, Only 3-5% of the remaining 5,000 mammals living on planet Earth (including humans) spend the entirety of their lives with solely one mate. When we talk about the evolutionary and production purposes, we can understand how men are more likely to engage in extramarital union because they want to produce as much offspring as possible in order to propagate their bloodline. Expert Jane Lancaster, an evolutionary anthropologist from the University of New Mexico believes that the monogamous partnership between men and women is only for the good of the offspring.

“The human species has evolved to make commitments between males and females in regards to raising their offspring, so this is a bond. However that bond can fit into all kinds of marriage patterns – polygyny, single parenthood, monogamy.”

Why do Men Cheat?

Now as we gauge into the heart of the topic, there are various reasons why do men cheat. While it’s imperative to understand their sides, do keep in mind that the end does not justify the means. The actual act of cheating is still considered a painful form of betrayal of trust and love.

The Illusion of Variety


Like having a collection of objects or our favorite stuff, most men also fell into the illusion of variety. They think that there’s still many women out there who’s willing to engage in a relationship with them. That’s why breaking up and starting a brand new relationship seems an easy task to do.  Meanwhile, some men also felt pressured to increase their “collections of partners”, especially if they’re around their peers. Sometimes they felt shameful that they only get to have one girlfriend while others have around XX number of partners in their life.

He’s a Puddle of Insecurity

This actually relates to the previous reason we stated. One of the main reasons why your partner feels peer pressure is because they are insecure. They felt like they need to prove something. Most of them wanted to prove that they are handsome and a better man, and that they can woo any girl they want in just a snap. Thus, they are more likely to cheat just to prove their point.


They already lost the spark they have for their partner and is starting to get bored in their relationship. That’s why they’re seeking for something new. Something that will pique their interest and get back the thrill they wanted. That’s why they’re seeking it on another person. However, we really recommend you tell the truth to your partner and solve any problems you may have (such as this) before you go on cheating. The least you can do before finding a new partner is to end your current one with clean conscience.

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